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LaPoint and Werner win BBT Clear Lake with 36 lbs!
Thanks SCBBBC, it means a lot coming from all you guys who taught me how to catch fish on the west coast. Chris and I just had one of those epic days on Clear Lake,we stayed in one spot all day and grinded it out. We hope to see you all real soon. Thanks again[smile]
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14' aluminum boat for sale
That is a great deal, the motor and trolling motor alone are have to be worth 1400$.
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Clearlake report
Nice work Dan, way to stick with it and stack them up at the end!!!
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Delta Tournament sign ups....(white's slough) 4:30-5:00 check in 3:30 weigh in (TEAM DRAW 5:15)
I was planning on making it to this one but other obligations came up. Good luck to everyone and hope to see you all soon!!!
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Marco,sT.O.C. Report
1st and foremost I would like to thank all of the club officers for such a fun and smoothly run year!!! As well as Mark,DJ, Chris and their blow up doll for helping out at the T.O.C.

Pre fishing - found a new spot on a spot fishing the last tournament of the year that yielded a 7.5 lber and lost one at the net that was just smaller. With that in mind I headed up to Clear Lake on friday planning on throwing deep divers and jigs in similar areas that produced 2 weeks before. I had zero takers for more than 4 hours until i finally went to the "spot" on second cast I feel tension and up comes a nice bass just shy of 7bs. Leave that spot instantly in search of new water with no luck.

Day 1
Started out fishing shallow in areas that have produced in the past but not this year(no takers). Once the sun comes out I head out to my sport where I comb over it form every direction with a deep diver. With the wind blowing extremely hard not knowing which direction it wanted to come from I start blowing off my spot and was going to head to a calmer area. I make a few last cast as get blow off and hook up to a nice 5+ lber. then it was on! I stayed there and battled the wind catch a limit before 11. I am telling myself to leave the spot but know there are some bigger ones around I caul out a 4 1/4 lber and catch another 4lber that was too small to caul. At this time I am blown into the tules because of the wind tie on a jig and row back to my spot. Make one cast into the wind and bam fish on. The fish comes straight out of 22fow jumping as I force the 7lber (big fish day 1) into the net. At that point I stop fishing the spot hoping that I left a few for tomorrow. Finish the day in 1st weighing around 20.5 lbs

Day 2
Head straight out to my spot. The day was completely the opposite as the day before calm and foggy morning. Start by throwing the jig and loose 2 good fish before the sun comes up. Once the sun is up I throw the deep crank with 2 more short strikes. Change back to jig and land 2 keepers both under under 3 lbs. then i get derailed but soon find that it is a 15 lb cat. Go back to the deep diver and manage to land a 5+ barely hooked. The bite slows down for a good hour I start talking to Phil and miss a bite. I blame it on my jig being dull and the cat fish mangling it. Cut it off and ask Phil for some smelly jelly because i forgot mine. Row over to get it and row back making a single cast catching a 4lber to fill my limit. Fished hard for another 1 hour with no takers. Finish the day with right around 14lbs. I was very nervous driving to weigh-in thinking that Chris, John or Daren could easily beat me if they bring in 18lbs. Congratulation to everyone that fished in the T.O.C. It was fun hanging out talking fishing and getting to know a few of you guys better. See you next year!!!
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Toc champion
Thanks for the congrats everyone, I am still on cloud-9 [smile]
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Congrats to Mike Miller on his first win
Nice work Mike!!! Way to catch the Big One!
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Congrats Graves on the win at Berryessa
Nice work Jon!!! It was a grind out there.
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berry time and check in
I will be there.... Can't wait to catch some waves behind the wake boats. Lol
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sleeping over night sonoma
I am planning on sleeping over. I might fish in the morning but I have a broken toe. So I might be sick of kicking in circles.
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Lake Ilsanjo
Look out for dudes with guns growing weed as well!!!
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*2013 Clear Lake Open Official Check In*
All In!!!
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