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Swimbait Rod?

Was looking into another swimbait rod and was wondering what yall were throwing???  I'm mainly going to be throwing 6" BBZ's & 6" Hudds.  I've narrowed my choices down to the Dobyns Champ SB Rod 7'9" Med Hvy 795 (http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Dobyns_Champion_Swimbait_Rods/descpage-DCSBT.html?from=tbassin) and the G. Loomis Swimbait Rod 7'6" Medium SWBR904 (http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/G_Loomis_Swimbait_Rods/descpage-GLSR.html).

Do any of you have these rods, if so, how do you like them?  Pro's v Cons?  Thanks.

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What Kickboat Fins?
Force fins are the way to go!  I've had my pair for over 7 years and they keep going strong.  I like to wear dive boots to walk to and from the lake, to save the bottom of my waders from punctures, and the XXL force fins fit right over my size 15 dive boots perfectly!  Whatever fins you get, invest in some kicker keepers!  My buddy just uses old shoe laces, which work too.  But the kicker keepers have saved me a force fin or two as they sink if they ever come off.  Any fins will work, it usually comes down to budget, so check ebay, craigslist, and other forums for force fins!  I swear by em!  Hope this helps. 
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Riverfront knocks out the skunk for 2013!
I got rid of my 2013 skunk today at Riverfront too!  Had a great day!  Caught 3, all on a PB&J jig; with a 4.15lb kicker!  She was a big skinny girl dressed in white!  All were super cold and pretty much all white!  Fished Benoist, 7:30-11am, all fish caught in outer treeline 5-7ft of water and all before 9am.  Water is very stained and visibility varied from 2"-1'.  Sure feels great to get that skunk off my shoulders!  Well, happy fishing yall!
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Nice bass!  I used to fish there when I went to SDSU!  That lake's right accross the street!! 
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Sonoma lately?
Did yall hit the main lake or Dry Creek or Warm Springs Arms???

Any other reports?

I'm going late Sunday night to early Monday morning with my buddy on his bass boat.  Planning on throwing a spook, a 68 special, a jig, any other suggestions?  Man I hope the bite changes by then because I do not want to throw a drop shot!  HA

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Off topic

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Has anyone been out to the Windsor Riverfront Ponds/Lakes?
Ended up taking my girl.  Spent most of the whopping hour and a half on the water teaching her how to cast and listening to her complaining about the cold weather before I just gave in and left.  Caught 1 on a jig by the weedlines, almost 3lbs.  Nothing on top, all small bites.  Can't wait to get out again....without her!   HA
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Has anyone been out to the Windsor Riverfront Ponds/Lakes?
I usually do very well with a jig. Caught a nice 4lber in the front pond a week ago, plus a couple more on the jig and a 2lb fun frog fish. Shore fishermen can't reach the spots we fish in our tubes, so I wouldn't worry too much about the pressure. Plus, most I've seen are going for the blue gill or other baitfish, not bass. Throw topwater early in and by the weed edegs, then jig it SLOW in the deeper water for some nice big fish! I've been throwing a big swimbait in the deep water lately but to no avail! It does seem like they prefer the smaller presentations lately, but I'm still throwing my 68 Special in the depths! I will probably be at the back pond tomorrow morning with my pops, and will post when I return.
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Rod Holder?
I've got a Scotty Triple Rod Holder on my tube, just got it!  Pre-made, heavy duty, interchangeable holders, and lockable!  I've seen most guys rig up some pvc piping tho.
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Roberts Lake fish Dying!
Thanks Mike, I contacted the Press Democrat and sent pictures to the local editor today.  So we'll see.  The amount of garbage in there is pretty ridiculous!  I caught 3 plastic grocery bags on my spinner the other day!  What does it take to do a clean up??  I'll hop in my tube with a garbage bag and make a day of it!  Can I do that on my own or do I need approval from the city or??  Are tubes even allowed in Robert's lake???  Not sure I even want to get in that water, but I've got waders so I'm game to do a clean up anytime!!!!  I'll even throw a fast sinking 8" BBZ on straight braid and drag the bottom for trash, & HOPING TO GET LUCKY!!!  Either way, that lake needs a clean up badly!

What would cause the fish to die?
What would cause the oxygen level to change to a deadly level?
What else would it be?
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Roberts Lake fish Dying!
Can yall see the attachments??  Not sure how to post pics, but I also thought of sending a few over to the Press Democrat to see if they could stir the pot.  Took these pics when I was there yesterday.  Threw my jig in a few to give size.  Sure is sad!!!
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Roberts Lake fish Dying!
I know yall are busy with the Classic, but I went to Robert's Lake today to check it out for myself and sure enough, saw over 30 dead bass, almost all along the golf course side. Most bass were between 3-7 pounds with a couple in the 8-10 pound range, and 1 bass in the 12+ range!!! A FAT MOTHER!!!! Saw over 10 dead golden carp in the 10-15 pound range too! Sure is sad to see fish that big dead!!! Would have loved to catch and release just one of those bass! Fish of a lifetime, just floating on the surface!!!

It takes A LOT to kill a fish that old!!!  Doesn't it???  IMO Something major went wrong!  I can still see 10 pound golden carp swimming still, so does that mean there are still big bass in there??  That's a lot of big bass taken out of the food chain in that small pond!! 
Can even see a lime greem film in the middle of the lake; not sure what that was. 

I'm thinking it has something to do with the highway construction?  Or maybe the ph is off, or pollution just hit a boiling point????  But something's up!


Any word from DFG??
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Riverfront ponds
I have been throwing frogs in the trees and open areas along the weedlines on the back pond with great success!  Seems like a little late for topwater, but definitely NOT the case!  Buddy caught a 6.7 on frog!  FREAKIN SLAMMED IT!!!  Caught a few jig fish too, but the bites were very subtle!  Hit the Russian River from shore on my way back and caught 1 smally on a fluke!  Fun!  First time in the Russian River!  Met a cool guy and his son who was a member of scbbbc!  Might have talked me into joining and get going in some tournys!!  We will see 
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Riverfront Tomorrow

Buddy has been pulling em in consistently up to 5lbs from shore!  They are really shallow, he only uses soft plastics!  Water clarity to about 3feet.

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