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New Buzz in the Action Camera Market
Just my 2 cents. I would be wary of this camera. Just like anything in life, you get what you pay for. What makes me most wary is the included watch/preview window. The reality is that the cost to build both devices with quality components would likely put the build cost over what they are currently selling it for. That means, corners have been cut. Where the corners were cut? Who knows. 

One idea of where corners were cut is in the components used to build the wasp. Just a quick glance at the spec's page and there are a few indicators:

Now, I have never used the Wasp cam so I am just speculating here, but based on the specs available on the Wasp Gideon, I think it is safe to assume that while the Wasp is capable of recording footage in 1080p at 60fps, the end product will not look nearly as crisp as the Gopro Hero Black. The wasp only supports a class 6 SD card, which means that it cannot write data to the SD card as fast as say a Class 10 SD card, like all GoPro's use. Writing data to a card at anything less than class 10 when dealing with a hi-res shot at 60fps is going to leave you with choppy shots, and less than desirable slow-mo. At $299 for the Gideon, your only $100 away from a GoPro black (with Wi-Fi remote included). GoPro has taken a 30% market share of the camcorder market place, not because it is cheap, but because it is the best at what it does.

Now, considering this is a forum on a fishing website, I assume that is the purpose of this post. I personally have 3 GoPro Hero Silvers $199/retail (2-GoPro Hero 3+, and 1-GoPro Hero 3). For all intents and purposes most of us do not need to be filming in 1080p at 60fps. You will spend more time changing batteries out, and swapping for new SD cards then you'll spend fishing. It is standard in the industry right now (including all the GoPro's used at the Classic) to set up the GoPro's using 720p at 60fps. The result is clean slo-mo shots, relative battery efficiency (2-2.5 hours depending on weather), and close to 3.5 hours of recording time.

Finally, I'm not defending GoPro, they definitely gouge consumers on accessories. Shit, I know I have spent at least the cost of an entire camera just in accessories, some of which are grossly over priced. For me, the track record of GoPro, the durability of the cameras and enclosures, and the superb video quality they provide (with the exception of low-light shots), are the reason I have slowly expanded from 1, to 3 cameras, and not considered any of the other competitors.

Again, just my 2 cents. The Wasp piqued my interest, but if I'm going to spend $139, or $299 respectively for a largely unknown camera, that is trying so desperately to be a GoPro. I'm just going to spend a little more and actually buy the real thing.

Hookset Productions
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fountain grove today
btw, oil slick wasn't from me, My motor doesn't leak at all (knocks on wood) [smile]
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fountain grove today
I had my Bass Tracker in there on 3/23. FG is close to home so it's an easy way to get my 5yr old out on the water. My son and Dad both caught [smile] Click image for larger version - Name: image.jpg, Views: 51, Size: 170.53 KB
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Anyone fished Lake Sonoma Lately?
I'm thinking of taking my boat out to Sonoma on Saturday and wanted to see if anyone has fished out there recently and can provide any info? Thanks!
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good ole spring!!
drdetroit wrote:

Junebug brush hog shallow!!!

Nice, I'll give them a try. Texas Rigged I assume. I've always been a crankbait/spinnerbait fisherman but started really working on my finnesse fishing with texas rig, drop shot, jigs, scroungers, etc last year. I know everyone loves to use Senko's but have never dabbled with them. What is the best rig for presentation, anyone have suggestions? Thanks
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good ole spring!!

had a awesome day at the local drink  went out to the park and caught 4 fish 4.4 , 5.1 , 6.12 and a toad of 7.11. thanks bill for snapping some photos for me, and thank you spring for my best 2 of the year so far, was getting worried for a minute there,lol

What were you using? I've been working on my boat the last few weeks and was going to take it out to springer Fri or Sun...Or Both. Any tips, I haven't fished since b4 the rain began. Thx 
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Anyone fishing locally lately?
Hi Guys, been reading the forums for awhile, thought I would say "Hello". I'm thinking of joining SCBBBC next season in fact I just renewed my BASS membership a few weeks ago. Anyone had any luck at Fountaingrove lately?
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