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Hey guys!
Long time no talk I've been bussy with working and deer hunting lately and have lost touch with you guys. I will be up at the lake for the toc and was wondering if you need a release boat since I'll be up there on mine.
Let me know,
Thankyou, Scottie
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*Clear Lake Open Info - Apr 23 and 24th M&M Campground*
Hey guys.....anyone want to split a site with scott Townsend?
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Your the man Thankyou!
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Ram ?
I have seen one in the past up there but not this time. I saw all of that also it was crazy!
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Congrats Jason Cullen on TOC win
Great job and the dare work payed off in a huge way!! Way to slay them
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Matt's Sonoma Report
Nice way to finish strong! Congrats
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*Lake Sonoma Check-In and Info*
The gardener will be there ready to fish
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Congratulations to Robert Linden Classic Winner!
Congrats on a huge win at the famous clear lake
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*Official 2015 Classic Sign Ups and Details*
The gardener will be there!
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Highland springs Champ!!
Congrats on the win!!!
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Delta report
First off I want to thank everyone who showed up and helped out at the turni today. Whites slough is the place where I fished my very first turni with the club and it was my first time ever seeing the delta. It's been 4 years since then. My weekend started out by driving up to the launch on Saturday with mike and mikey who we were taking to his first turni thanks to Dj for letting him use his kick boat.

When we woke up in the morning there was a good breeze going on and I figure I would try to throw reaction baits before the sun came up. I start rowing down to kings island because I have had the best luck down that way in the past, I start throwing a d&m green pumpkin chatter bait and pick up about 6 or 7 fish before the sun came up and killed the chatter bait bite for me,only one of them was a keeper. Then I pick up my Irod 703 with a 7" senko on it and started chucking it up shallow on the rip rap banks, boom my second keeper bites and it was the big 6.43. I continue to work the bank down and pick up 2 more keepers, by this time it is about 6:45-7:00 and I start to think I have a chance to make it in the money if I can get my limit fish and cull one of my smaller ones out. The senko bite died down and I start to throw a flick shake and pick up my fifth fish and a bunch of dinks. The wind picks up and the tide is dropping fast so I cut the flick shake off and tie on a drop shot with a zoom trick worm. I remember watching this YouTube video of fishing fast tides and winds on the delta and they were throwing the drop shot in the middle of the secondary weed line and working it out towards the middle of the slough. I start to throw up in the weedline and soon after comes my fifth fish. I continue to do this and I get bit by an 8+ that shoots out of the weeds and jumps then goes back into them before I could turn it and pops off. Right after that I put all my other rods away and told my self I'm going to fish the drop shot the rest of the turni, this is about 10:00. At 10:35 I get bit again up in the weeds and I land this one, a 3.17 pounder. I cull with a 1.54. I continue to fish the rest of the day but I can't cull anything else The weigh in begins and then Dave weighs in and I start to get scared because I figured I had about 14 pounds, I turns out I had 16 something and took my first win of the season.

Congratulations to all the top finishers and Thankyou again to all the officers who helped out with this event. I'm looking forward to Highland springs, I've never been there before and it sounds like a very interesting lake.
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Is anyone camping at whites
Since this is a Sunday turni I was thinking about going up Saturday afternoon if anyone else is camping because I don't want to stay there by myself
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*Whites Slough Tounament Check in and Info*
Count me in!! Gardener will be there
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I'm down for a time bump also
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Congratulations Derren!
Way to go!! Congrats
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