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Kayak tournaments
You are welcome to come fish with Yak-A-Bass NorCal. The online tournaments start this month and the live events start in March. We are a KBF (Kayak Bass Fishing) affiliated club and go by their rules. All events are Catch Photo Release and use the Hawg Trough measuring device. Check us out on Facebook.

Also, Bass N Tubes allows pedal kayaks as long as you have a livewell built to their specs. I fished with them last year and had a blast. Unfortunately this year their tournament dates all conflict with the Yak-A-Bass dates so I won't be able to attend.
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Kayak tournaments
As a member of the kayak tournament fishing community I can tell you that there are quite a few folks in our area that would join up to fish if kayaks were allowed. For the Hobie owners the requirement of a livewell is not an issue but for standard kayaks they just don't have the carrying capacity needed to haul a livewell.

I currently fish with Yak-A-Bass for events on the Delta and the Mother Lode lakes. We have close to 50 Anglers that compete in our live events. Our club has only been around for 2 years and the total number of members is astounding.

Bass N Tubes does indeed allow kayaks and welcomes Hobies. I fished with them this past year as well. Great group and very well run events.

I will keep an eye on this topic to see where it goes as I'm very interested in the chance to fish with SCBBBC again! I was only able to fish two tournaments with you guys before the rule change but this seemed like a great club to be affiliated with.

Please let me know if you need any info on the kayaks or would be interested in how kayak tournaments are run with the length instead of weight to determine winners.

I also have two Hobie Pro Angler 14s at the moment and I'm waiting on my 2017 hull to show up any day now. I can bring them out to a meeting or a fish and chill day if anyone is interested in checking them out or trying them on the water.

Matthew Brannon
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2014 officers and lakes
I see that it still says "kayaks" are allowed in the rules so far!! LOL
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clear lake tips?
Get ready to do some running! I launched from Redbud Monday and fished the opposite shore line to the North for almost two miles. I caught a 3.5 on a lipless crank and my son landed a 1 pounder on a Chatterbait. Had a few hits on baby brush hogs but no hook ups. My son threw just about everything in the box while I stuck mostly with big swimbaits and the lipless crank. Saw a few of the big boys in the area and nobody was really catching much. A few dinks here and there but that was it. Some areas definitely had better looking water than others. Lots of GREEN water areas. Also lots of silver sides in the water which should have the fish feeding up for the winter.
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pole size

You'll probably find more info on this by searching "jigger poling".  That's what most folks in the South call it.  It was originally done using a large treble hook with a few chicken feathers hand tied onto it.  People cut their own poles from bamboo and they varied in length from 10-16ft.  Only a small amount of heavy mono was used (like 12-18" of 25lb test).  The object was to get your "lure" back under the cypress tree branches and work it in a figure 8 pattern.  Basically you annoyed the fish to death until they struck.  Later folks started using large topwaters and still used the figure 8 to get massive top water strikes in places that you just couldn't repeatedly get casts into.  Down in Florida there are still a good many old timers that fish this way but most of them have gone to fishing the large golden river shiners (8-12") on a stout weedless hook.  You can lower the shiner into holes in the vegetation and keep him there so that he doesn't swim off.  You know you're about to get bit when your shiner comes flying to the surface trying to jump out of the water!

Baits like these:

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9/29 Lake Sonoma
Hit the lake this morning with my oldest son Evan on the back of my Pro Angler and met Charms at the launch.  Headed out in pitch black darkness in search of a few bass.  Right off I caught a 4lber fairly near to the Yorty Creek launch, but it was too dark to get a pic to turn out.  Not long after reaching the main lake (and with daylight cracking) I landed this chunk.

Evan decided he'd watched enough and got a little action of his own.

Then after watching all the surface commotion in the middle of the lake I tied on a 1/4oz Kastmaster and in one cast managed to catch my first ever steelhead!!

We also found a few schoolie largemouth on the spoons that Evan and I took turns catching.

We then worked our way back over to Charms and started working our way back towards the launch.  A few parallel casts with the bank yielded this one for me!  While bringing him in an even larger fish came up and slammed this on in the side trying to take the bait from him!

I saw one more fish in the seven pound range but couldn't get him to commit.  I guess that leaves me a reason to head back out there next time!
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All members please read ASAP.RE: KAYAK
But what did all that speed and range gets on Saturday? I didn't even weigh a fish! LOL. The boat doesn't catch fish. The angler does!
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All members please read ASAP.RE: KAYAK
I like it. Looking forward to hitting the water! Ill have the swimbaits with me if you want to dig through the collection while we're there. Hope to stick a big one although I haven't seen any promising reports of anything much over 3lbs lately.
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berry time and check in
Looks like I'm back in all the sudden! See ya Saturday!
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All members please read ASAP.RE: KAYAK
Guess ill be seeing you guys Saturday after all.
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Be Advised!!!!!!!
Thanks Billythekidd44. I really do appreciate the offer. I'm trying to make the Hobie Kayak Fishing team and fishing from another manufacturers vessel would kill my shot at making the team.

I may still show up at Berryessa on Saturday to fun fish. Maybe I'll go swing for the fences and throw big swimbaits all day and see what happens. I could always show up at the weigh in and just see what everybody caught.
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Be Advised!!!!!!!

I don't know how many if anyone saw the post that was here.  I've deleted it and do want to apologize to Andy Mercado for what I said.  It wasn't a grand personal attack so please don't read too much into this, but I just believe the comments were better left unsaid.  His position is one of a voluntary status and I'm sure it's greatly appreciated that he has taken that role.

I'm going to stop all the bickering now.  My point wasn't so much to change anyone's mind and be allowed to fish but I was just pointing out the fact that I was indeed being discriminated against due to my Hobie Mirage Pro Angler.  It is a very capable craft and excels at what it was designed for.  It does conform to the club rules as they are written.  If there is an issue with kayaks then it should be changed in the rules as it was very unfair to allow me to fish one event and then ban me from future events b/c you suddenly see kayaks as an unfair advantage.  Rules are just that.....Rules!  They should be followed until they can be voted on and changed regardless of what situations they get you into.  I have never caught a fish while doing 5mph so I'm not sure why that was even brought up.  It has carried me to many top finishes in kayak and boat tournaments and I do not wish to swap vessels at this time. 

Obviously the rules need to be changed as the majority of you do not want kayaks fishing with the club.  It's beyond me how that ever made it beyond a club vote to start with.

Thank you for at least allowing me to fish one event with you guys.  Everyone was very courteous and friendly to me at that event and made me feel very welcome.  You have some great fishermen in your club and I wish you guys all the best.  Maybe we will meet under more pleasant circumstances next time.  Again if you see me on the water and would like to say hello please do.

ET1 Matthew Brannon
United States Coast Guard
Training Center Petaluma
Marine Electronics School Instructor
(904)412-4530 - cell #

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Be Advised!!!!!!!
My .02 cents.... The rules say "fins" and these are "fins".

And this is the Mirage Drive that I use that they mount to..

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Be Advised!!!!!!!
I was allowed to fish it because in the rules it states that kayaks are allowed to fish without the use of motors or sails of which my kayak has neither.  This is just as you are allowed to fish it from a kick boat because it's in the rules even though it's not the Sonoma County Kick Boat Bass Club.

Did you really just compare the +-2mph speed advantage and slight range advantage that my craft has to your kick boat to the +-45mph speed advantage and an entire lake in range advantage that a boat with a 90hp would have over a kayak?  WOW!!!!!  Talk about apples to oranges!! 

As I said before, I have quite a large sum of money invested in my Hobie Kayak and trailer and have absolutely no interest in purchasing something else.  Not to mention that in my quest to make the Hobie Kayak Fishing Team I would be disqualified by fishing from another brand of craft.  I read the club rules and as per the way they are currently written (which apparently can't be changed until the season is over) my craft complies with what is written. 

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Be Advised!!!!!!!
It was recommended to me (by private message) that I look into the Future Pro Tour and fish their small boat division.  How many of you guys fish that?  Talk about being at a disadvantage being lumped into a category with 90hp outboard powered boats!  I may try out one of their Clear Lake events, but it will definitely be a David vs Goliath event!! 
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