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I will be out of town for work when the meeting happens so I hope you do post the tournament date on here.  This one i plan on fishing.  What is going on with Spring Lake? 
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disco bay launch?
When we fished there two years ago, as long as we didn't back our trucks up to the bottom of the ramp they did not charge us a fee.  Everyone kept their truck on the top and we carried them down.  Is that not the case this year?  Are they going to open the gate early for us again?
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broken rod guide?
There is someone in the redwood club that repairs guides for $5 I believe
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Well we can talk about it at the next meeting.  I know that if we do something like that it has to wait until next year as all of the tournaments have been reported to DFG; however, I am sure some of the guys in both clubs can do a turkey shoot.  For the REBC non-boaters, are they allowed to fish?  I see the only issue is the guys in the pontoons are not allowed to run is that correct?
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Hennessey not looking good after a few phone calls today. Vote on March event at Jan meeting.
Who do you talk to at Spring Lake for permits?  I use to work there, and I can make a phone call.  Also I'd be happy to use my boat as a release boat for CL if needed.
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SCBBBC Membership dues information.
Can we pay cash or does it have to be by check?
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2015 schedule finalized
Just ran into City of Napa patrol yesterday at Hennesey, and the guy said no contact with the lake what so ever.  Meaning that we can't even use our fins.  There where 3 pontoons out there yesterday, and he gave them the 3rd degree burn about that, because the sign said no wadding.  Also he said that there are no tournaments allowed at this lake.  So I hate to be a party pooper but I hope that we got the ok from the City of Napa.  Looking forward to another year.
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Looking forward to the weekend.  Congratulations for all the angers that made it to the TOC, and remember to have fun.
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Congratulations Joe. 
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Does anyone know the address/direction to King Island?
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Bucks Bags Sosuthfork Seat
Scott, I have a bucks bag, and I put on a Bass Pro seat on mine.  You just have to get longer bolts.
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Berryessa Tournament Sign ups 6-6:30 Blast off 6:45 weigh in 3:30
Count me out on this tourney. Good luck everyone
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Rain Gear
Scott,  the gear I was wearing yesterday was BPS and I stayed dry and warm the whole day
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