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Fish Cat 10' for sale
I'm selling a lightly used Fish Cat 10'
I set it up for fly fishing, lean bar and stripping basket.  
Obviously can be modified with a live well.  Good lake boat. 


707 978 1460

Its in Santa Rosa.
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lytton lake?
I thought it was the thrift store...  but I guess I don't know.  CDF station would be a good place to start. Give em a call, they'd know who owns da pond.
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lytton lake?
You have to ask permission, fishing from the bank only, no floating.
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Any body got an Outcast 10-IR?
Yeah, I know what you mean about it being in the way, I see that coming as well. It's essentially a gift, I covered some weekend shifts for him and he's not using it, so I can't argue with it.
I don't know if I'll use the lean bar or not, but I'm just thinking about making it so if I ever decide I want it, it will be there.
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Any body got an Outcast 10-IR?
Any body got an Outcast 10-IR?
I have a friend who's selling me his 10-IR, but it's missing the lean bar.  I'm looking to see if anybody has a lean bar that they would either sell me?
Or, take photos with a tape measure so I can re-create all the bends and holes etc and make my own with a conduit bender and some tubing.

or, worse case scenario, Any local stores that might carry it? Outdoor Pro Shop didn't have one when I was in there over the weekend...  I tried calling Outcast directly, they weren't able to help.
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fly rod for bass
Fish On!
I had some success on Friday at Spring Lake.  got 2 fish, one was a shaker, the other around 3#. 
I know that's not much to you guys on this board, but for me, that's enough to call it a good afternoon.

I did get a nasty infection on a cut on my hand from the Blue/green Algae bloom as well.  Good times all around!
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fly rod for bass
Thanks guys.  Yeah, Kokanee, trout do some an easier fish to target with a fly.  Probably a lot of factors involved there.  it seems like once I figure out a pattern that is working, I can find the fishy water a lot easier when there's a current.  I'm pretty sure I can figure it out for bass as well, I guess that's the frustrating part. 
My loving wife has given me a weekly hall pass for Friday afternoons.  We call it Float Tube Friday, and today the boss is away, so I'm going to make the most of it. 
My fishing is generally contained to after work and weekends, if anyone wants to hit the water and share some knowledge, lemme know!  I'd be stoked to pick up some knowledge.
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fly rod for bass
howdy all,
i've been lurking on this board, for a while now, finally joined the board.  I live in santa rosa, fish Spring, ilsanjo, Windsor ponds, river etc.  I grew up on a lake in western NY State, finshing for bass, perch and pike off my dad's dock, and a little 14 aluminum rowboat.
got back into fishing on a mountain bike trip to Oregon a few years ago, but in doing so I made the fateful decision to become a 'gasp' fly fisherman. 
It's been interesting, educational, humbling, and not very productive...

Does anyomne else use a fly rod?  (Not exclusively) for bass around here?  i'd be stoked to pick your brains, learn some techniques and stuff to make my limited time on the water a bit more productive.

thanks in advance!

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