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Bnt blind draw team tournament lake Camanche Dec. 10
Hey Sonoma we’re having a team derby out of Camanche’s north shore marina December 10th. details are here: http://www.calfishing.com/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=6&topic_id=48073&mesg_id=48073&page=

All are welcome

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*Official 2017 Classic Sign Ups and Details*
Dan balaba is in
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Clearlake report
womp womp! just stating the facts sensitive. and oh yea i use masingal like lotion, makes me feel so fresh and clean,  Dick! lolhahahahlol
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Clearlake report
Sup Darren, Sorry brother but the info you shared with me had nothing to do with the pattern I was on lmao, you suggested going south because the north was too dirty and shallow lol, I found those fish all on my own an hour before talking to you [smile]. But, I will use the info you gave me next month haha! See you there.
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Clearlake report
Hey tubers!

First I wanted to say thx to the Sonoma club for putting on another fun event, the bbq was delicious, thx Marc, and the raffle was very prosperous for some, me included hehe. Also congrats to all that finished in the money especially Darren who brought in good bags both days, thx for the info at the ramp man.

Friday i got out on the road and drove around the whole lake looking for areas to drop in thinking i wanted to try new areas besides county and the north. i checked out the redbud arm and dropped in around Gooseneck, fished for a few hours saw lots of bait and what seemed to be bass metered between 15 and 35, but nothing but nibbling baby bass for me. Next stop was Shag i launched from Braitos and cruised down and saw the same thing on the graph but no takers on the jig. so i rowed back and drove up north and hopped out and looked at a few more spots but didnt get in. finally i drove further north and saw tons of grass from Rodman to Lucerne. Rodman was shallow so i drove down further and stopped to take a look at Aurora, i saw weeds and algae colored water that was probably 0-1ft visability. This was more like it, back to stained weedy water where i feel more comfortable fishing. so i hopped in with a spook, frog, lv, dropshot and a flipping stick and off i went into the green sea. the water clarity got somewhat better the further out. i played around with topwater for a bit hitting outside edges and the lanes between the mats for nothing, then i started flipping weeds and a half hour in i get my first fish, a 3lber. 1/2hr later 1 got another that was over five and thought i had something here so i stopped.

day 1- launched at Aurora and picked up 3 lv fish chasing bait in 3-4ft the sun came up so i went out to where i got those fish in practice and missed 2 good bites at the boat, i filled my limit in the shallows with a couple of chubby 1 1/2lbs, 

day 2- fished the same for 0 until i made a row around 1100 to an area that i hadnt fished but had the same kinda stuff. as soon as i got there i caught the 6 and thought i might have a chance if i can get into some fish, and thats what happened in 2- 1/2 hrs i caught 5 fish for 27-28 lbs, first time ive ever culled a five, it felt wrong to release that fish haha. i kicked back to the truck and loaded my gear (thx for waiting Robert) and drove to weigh in. i didnt think i had enough to win because the lv guy usually brings in giants, but turns out that i got lucky and STOLE! that one away lol! Just playing.

see you guys at the next one!


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*Clear Lake November 2nd check in and sign ups! - County Park*
Daniel Balaba will be there thx
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