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Next Season Lakes and Officers
give some thought to Lake Mendo! the one time the club was there it was the toughest conditions a bass fisherman ever faces. In March, or late October/November when the smallies are on the chase would be my rec
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in need of a favor
my dumbass left my livewell at the open. Jeff Wilson has it and plans on fishing the whites tournament. I'm not going to be able to make it due to a derby up here on clearlake that randy kidd and I have intentions of winning. could someone do me a solid and grab my livewell from Jeff? I'll get it from you asap
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kickboat for sale
it was out there again today. the guy that owns it works at lakeport camper and truck. one of their employees told me try calling there
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kickboat for sale
saw this bronco extreme at the 5th St boat ramp. Looks likes it's never seen water. Click image for larger version - Name: rps20160430_123250.jpg, Views: 118, Size: 150.99 KB
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Livewell left behind at Clear-Lake
yes! pretty sure it's mine. 2 bubblers on the inside of the lid?
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Fishing multiple species lakes
Sometimes it's as simple as a color change also, and that bait is choked. Or in the specific example Dale had given, there were likely smallies on beds. Not willing to eat a bait, but more protect an area by whacking something and getting it the F outta there
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Anytime for my bros! It was my pleasure
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TOC Report (long read)
Incredible report and weekend Jason! Congratulations! You are a great angler, your attention to detail is admirable. You got the first one out of the way, more wins will follow I guarantee it....look out SCBBBC
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TOC Free Dinner?
Tnt is good. The food hasn't changed. The atmosphere is different. YoI'd have to drive there. If you're going to drive I'd recommend Omeara bros.
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Congrats Mike Ayers on Blue Lakes Win
Congrats Mike. That lake is extremely tough.
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Congratulations to Robert Linden Classic Winner!
Congrats Rob! Very nice win!
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S Fowler on Clearlake
A couple of the better fish that ate the Catchem Caro S Fowler this weekend! Boated 12 total on the custom paint chartreuse root beer I won at the raffle. Fished through and past weed clumps on the north end in 3-5'. Pictured are a skinny 5.90 and a 5.25. Click image for larger version - Name: rps20151004_112255_800.jpg, Views: 48, Size: 74.14 KB Click image for larger version - Name: rps20151004_112337_666.jpg, Views: 47, Size: 90.52 KB
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valley fire donations
fishon wrote: hey guys... i think since we as a club spend a lot of our time in lake county , it would be proper to collect donations  at the state classic for all the people who have lost everything!!!!! so while  , your spending lots of money for this event... tackle , line , camping , gas , raffle money etc  just to have a blast !!!... try to set a side a little something for those who now have nothing. i will have a donations bucket at the raffle to collect anything we can!! i will turn it into the red cross in the clubs & bass n tubes name,  and take all that we have collected  and have it go directly to the people who have suffered greatly in lake county.  i feel its the least we can do!!!  feel free to go to the red cross website and donate there too!! they have a section where you can specify where your money goes... AGAIN... KICK DOWN WHAT YOU CAN!!! IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED BY THOSE WHO SEVERLY NEED IT !

Im with you D! There are far too many people sleeping in tents in the rain, and the coming heat on the side of the hwy up here that won't see a 50k check. I got to see a lot of the burn area today through Middletown and Cobb, the news coverage as great as its been doesn't do it justice! Good news is nor cal as a whole seems to be stepping up to the plate. There are so many stories not being told through the media that i am hearing locally, it hurts my heart. Please help with what you can, it will make a difference to someone who needs it.
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