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TOC Report
Awesome !!!!! Congrats man
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Hi Friends
Wow Dave sorry to hear about the kitties and you losses. Glad that the both of you are ok though. Your welcome to use all my gear untill your able to replace yours, I`ll pm you my #. I hope everyone else is ok out there , take care all.
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Congrats to Bihn on the Delta win
I`ll surprise you guys one of these mornings and donate some cash, lol. That's the thing about short tourneys on the delta, you may only have one window of time of bites do to the tide and need to capitalize then or it winds up being a horrible day. Good job man.
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Congrats to Bihn on the Delta win
Tell us how you did it buddy. I still follow the tourneys the best i can. [clapping]
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Lake Sonoma night team tournament
Past my bedtime,lol. [smil_2funny]
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Thx guys.
Time to go plot shopping i guess,lol. 
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2017 schedule
permits? is this set in stone yet?
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Where`s the fully rigged ranger comanche ? That could go to the big fish of the year. [whistling]
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Kayak tournaments
Sounds like its time for the senior circuit to begin. [smil_2funny][smil_2funny][smil_2funny][smil_2funny]  
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Congrats Binh - AOY!
Great job buddy. 4 1st place finishes is pretty awesome, congrats.
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Lake Chabots 19 lb
Just imagine what it would weigh come spring time.[whistling]
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Next Season Lakes and Officers
ILOVEFATGIRLS wrote: I don't think most of us are here for the money? To win anywhere from 40 to a couple hundred dollars? Lol, I think most of us are here to learn new things and grow with the club, for the comaraderie and brotherhood. If I wanted to win or try to win actual money I would be doing big boat tournaments, lol. I'm just here for the sheer fun!!

Seriously great attitude thats the way it should be. The point about the money was how far the membership has gone down not that this is a career move. Even when the economy was alot worse the was still at least 30 members. Why in your opinion do you think the club is drawing less members each year?  Anybody else can chime in all opinions are welcome. I`ll just say that the key for getting new people interested was to fish our first tourney at a local lake. That way they came on out with an attitude of jeez I have a chance at doing well and they get to experience how cool the club is ran and what a great bunch of guys you guys are. 
 Then before you know it you have a new member. Then they tell there buds how cool it was and you might get another. Also having a team tourney appeals to the new guys for obvious reasons. I know if the club is still about comradery and brotherhood and teaching and learning new things that putting a local lake on the schedule wouldn`t be to much of a sacrifice to get new blood in the club and possibly bringing back some old members.
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Next Season Lakes and Officers
ILOVEFATGIRLS wrote: I agree with Kevin. The smaller lakes/ponds are lame!!! Especially Highland Springs !!! It's just ridiculous to keep doing circles around people - lol!! We really need to get some new places in there especially on the Delta!! tracy oasis resort !! [smile]

And that is why your memberships are so far down . New peoples comfort zone are the local lakes around here. You need to throw 1 or 2 in to attract new people. New people aren`t going to want to travel all over the place to places they havent fished before in a tourney situation. Its not like the 12 members you have now are going to crowd spring or even fountain grove at this point. If you guys want to keep this club going strong you need to consider this.

Even the boat tourneys have regions they just don`t fish anywhere in n.cal. and this is a sonoma county club. Oh well my 2 cents. If you guys are happy with 2nd place getting you to break even in the winnings because of lack in numbers so be it,lol.
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