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I have a room in lakeport already with the family!
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*Official 2017 Classic Sign Ups and Details*
I shall donate my money!
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Camping for the classic
So where is everyone camping? Is it Kelseycreek?
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Fish Care on Hot Days
As said all of the above are great ideas! I personally circulate my water every 10 minutes. And I have a very long HOSE on my pump so that it can get as deep as possible to pull up the cooler and oxygenated water.
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Ok where is everyone leaning towards for the Clearlake sundowner tournament? Public launch at M&M or County?
This way any of us who'd like to get a little pre fish in might have a idea of where to don it!!
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Clear Lake June 10th night.
Hey I fished buckingham on Saturday! I was talking with the manager there and he has no idea about the tournament that's taking place at "his" private marina! His name is Tony and was adamant about getting ahold of him asap in order for us to hold any type of event
His phone # 707-279-4868.
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5 fish- 45 lbs 9 ounces.. Clearlake/double digits
Saaaweeeet Jason! Love those epic days! Clearlake is definitely a favorite!
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Lake Berryessa Sign ups!!!!
Well I guess I'll be there!!! What's the address of the place?
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Delta tournament
Where is the delta tournament going to be held?
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My Sonoma Report
Lmao, Tried to reply to this thread on my phone but only showed Chirs's post... Deleted!!!
Anyways will do from my computer now.
Great Report Chris! I'd partner up with you anytime. I did not pre fish or for that matter was only my second tourney back in 7yrs but I always love the night tournaments! I was excited to just be on the water doing what I love to do! I think Chris and I were the last team to be called... we chatted for a bit and had a game plan. I started of slow fishing because it was so hot. Went deep went shallow for nothing for around 40 minutes. Decided to go to a point that I know fairly well and started hammering it.... fish on went about 2 lbs on a weightless wacky rigged senko. There were 3 people on the shore fishing the same point. Two of them were just fine ass woman and started asking me all kinds of questions on how I caught the fish and what I was using and what not. So for the next half hour I helped them rig their gear up and gave them some baits and tips. Forgot to get #.  On I went! Went back into a cove as the sun started going down. Stared cranking because there were Bass coming to the surface and feeding all over the place caught a few short fish but no keepers. Put a frog on and started throwing it into open water had a few good blow ups but nothing connected. Met up with Chris and as he stated he had 3 in the well with a 5lb kicker so we knew we only needed one more fish for our limit. At that point I decided to go fish the rocks at the launch ramp. Hooked up with another keeper throwing a 7 inch wacky wormed senko. Kept hammering and hammering and about  3 minutes before Chris and I were meeting up to see what we had Bam got hammered and caught my best fish of the night. Met up with Chris and started culling out. Started seeing some of the weights being brought in and we knew he had a chance. Weighed in and Bam we are in 1st with only a few more people to weigh in. Last to weigh in came very close to taking the top spot only losing by a few ounces. WINNING! Congrats to everyone who came in with fish on a very tough night bite.
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A brother and best friend died today. Todd Iwamoto
Such a tragedy. Many prayers to his family and friends. RIP Todd you will be missed.
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mattattack coming back
Hope to see alot of ya back on the water... soon!
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clear lake toad 11.10

no not a new pb. caught it on my trusty ole senko. thanks guys and yea hopefully i can bring like that to the open!!!!!??

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