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B-N-T US Kick Boat Open
Thanks for the report! I really wanted to fish that one with you all! Glad you had a good time, good job John Lake!

Here are some photos of what I got to see in the water Saturday, be glad, be very glad you don't have this in your waters!

Should get out on the water this week with the new boat. The St. John river is quite tricky so I have to learn lots about it, navagating and about the boat, as a new boat owner.

Promise, I will send some photos of BASS soon!

Keep up the good work Prez!

John Stangle
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John has a new toy!
Thanks everyone, I am very excited. Rich, go to my web site at http://www.yotopia.com/bassboat.htm and I have the photos there.

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John has a new toy!

Hello and hope all is well. After 42 years of California, I am now situated in Orange Park, Florida (Clay County) in an area known as Fleming Island Plantation on Fleming Island (just south of Jacksonville, FL). I am also just starting to look for work and am considering part time Construction Project Management along with my own company's (YO-topia Consulting) projects that I am starting to book for this year.

As you probably know, I had to sell my Bass Kickboat before the move. I have not been fishing since February and here in Florida, gators and snakes are common at the banks of the water, so to resolve that I am very excited to say that I have purchased a Bass Boat! Jonesing to get out on the water!

If you go to http://www.yotopia.com/bassboat.htm all the information and great photos of the boat are available for your viewing! Give me a call some time at my new number (904) 891-1988 and please stay in touch, as I will try to do also. Also, anytime you are coming to Florida remember you have a place to stay!

Missing what I was used to in California, but not California it's self. Slowly I am getting used to Florida, but the hot humid summer is right around the corner. Also the Thunderstorms, Lightning and Hurricanes. I am ready for it, excited about my changes in my life and look forward to each and every morning.

From the East Coast to those on the West Coast (now represented), take care and please stay in touch!

Very Truly,

John Stangle
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Like my new License Plate?
I did get to my Mom's in Arizona. Did the list of home repairs she needed and them some, you know, paint, hang pictures, all that stuff.

Then cross country to fish that are in the Pre-Spawn / Spawn on the Saint John River (only one that runs north in the Northern Hemisphere) that is only 2 min from home. And the reports say, don't forget not all the areas are Pre-Spawn.

Word is that Top Water, Deep Water, Pre-Spawn and Spawn patterns are all great! Gosh will not believe it till I have the Photos to show it!

Still don't have any contact here, so am going out tomorrow to find some shops and talk some fishing. Also

No kickboat, no boat at all, and you know what they say about Bankees (just kidding). Well now I am boat shopping! Oh my gosh!

You post your pigs and I will mine, lets compare!


PS: I am 20 miles souh of the main city of Jacksonville, Florida, on Fleming Island, for those of you that have friends and family that need a non-boater!
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Like my new License Plate?
Well, made it to Florida! Wow what a drive. Nothing exciting, just a big gas bill and lots of roads. Boring!

Have not made it out on the water yet, but it is everywhere!

Got my license yesterday and am going to get on something this weekend. Hope the rain has stopped in California!

Hope you like my new License Plate as much as I do! No more YOtopia plate but I will certainly settle for a Large-mouth Bass Plate. I can get it personalized but only 5 symbols. May get clever down the road.

John Stangle
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Delta Event
Glad you got on some Fish! I too will miss the club but thanks to the nice boards will be staying in touch. Hope you get on the water some more and on some HOGS this summer. Top Water Bite all the way!

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Delta Event
Sounds like everyone had a good time at the Delta. Some nice fish too! Sure wish I could have been there but am out of here Thursday!

I will stay in touch, nice board Mike and Rich, keep up the good work!

John Stangle
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