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Hi Friends
Sorry I haven't let you all know that Selma and I are Ok. We couldn't save our kitties which is the hardest for Selma. We lost both houses and all of our possessions. Made it out with one tablet two cellphones and the clothes on our back.

We have good insurance and great friends that are putting us up so we will be fine.

Many others are much worse off than us so although I am so touched by you guys wanting to help I would feel better If it went to someone that isn't as lucky as we are.

Looking forward to seeing you guys on the water in the future.
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Newest member of the lure jewelry Club

Fish was decent around 4lbs. Yeah Binh I hadnt fished in two weeks so I guess I turned into a Bozo.  Good thing Jason was there to help me get my boat on my car.

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Newest member of the lure jewelry Club
This happened when I tried to unhook a frog fish this morning.  It was a short morning of fishing and an expensive trip to Kaiser. Luckily the Doc saved my frog and my thumb[smile]. Click image for larger version - Name: P1020726ab.jpg, Views: 33, Size: 239.02 KB
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Congrats Mike Ayers on the win at Clear Lake
Damn Mikey, you are on fire this year. Congrats!
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Congratulations Kevin unprecedented 3 Peat Win at BNT Open!
Wow, that's pretty impressive Kevin.  Congrats!!
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Happy birthday old Grey bearded one.
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Spring lake or clear lake on Saturday
Spring Lake has been very tough the last couple of weeks.  I'd join you but will be out of town.  Good luck wherever you go.
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Leaving scbbbc
Sound like good times await you.  Get an elk for me.  We will miss you.
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Springlake double digit hog
Wow! That's a beauty. Congrats Jason.
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Kayak tournaments
This issue was beat to death a while ago.  If you want to fish against a boat that can go more than twice as fast and cover more water with less effort then go for it.  Hey at least its bringing some life back to our forum!! 
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5 fish- 45 lbs 9 ounces.. Clearlake/double digits
Dang Jason,  a bunch of fatties.  Thats gonna be  tough for you to improve on that 5 fish weight.  I hope to get out someday.  Another big storm this weekend and trying to get over a nasty cold is going to keep me off the water this weekend too.
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Congrats Binh - AOY!
Congrats on a great year and getting the AOY honors, Binh.  You da man!!
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OK you guys
What happened at the classic? Who was the big winner? You guys better start communicating or I might have to fish again next year just to find out what the hells going on.
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Class A Drivers test!!!!
NIIIIICE!!  Congrats Mark!
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Congrat Darren for taking 1st on a tough day.
Congrats Derren!  Way to slay on a tough day.
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