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Congrats Todd!
Congrats Todd & Steve!!! Way to put it together. You guys can take the Delta, we'll take the TOC win.
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I need your help guys....
Money sent Deacon! I figured my belly could use a break from beers so................
Get your old man out there and enjoy!!!!

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I need your help guys....
I'm game. Like Lake said, create a paypal acct so that we can donate and we'll get on it.
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Dave Sternitzke Club Record!
Congrats on the new record Dave.
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Future Pro....By that Much!
Well done men!
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Wow What A couple of Weeks - and a Big Thank You.
Congrats Benno!!! I'll take a look and see what I wants.
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None Boater gas Money
Still fight it man! There's nothing I like to do more than to waste the cops time as well. I've had 5 speeding tickets in the last 6-7 years. I've only had to pay once(dang Fremont chp!) and it sounds like you might have a case.

Was it during the day or nite? Easier to win if it's nighttime and use the, "I didn't want to hit a person on the road defense." Plus, sounds like a lil bit of entrapment if you're crossing the line due to him being in the middle of the road.

Note: I don't know what I'm talking about half the time so do what you will with the info. 

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Nice job Mahoney!
Nice job man! What tourney was this?
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Long over due, My future fishing partner
Beautiful baby girl Binh. But I'm certain that it's best to wait until she hits puberty before you try to choke her out.

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WRL Berry - congrats to Dave/Terry - AC/teamate
Thanks for the shout out Todd.

Me likes being in the money. The hard part is getting it done!
I thought we had it cold last week, you guys are in for some fun freezing times on Sat.
Derren, we're shooting for the Clear Lake Open. Miss fishing with the club. Very fond memories.

AC, no worries, we'll meet up at the next tourney.

Wish you all the best of luck this wknd and be safe.

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What do we do for a living
I help run the family bizness where we specialize in disposable products.

I might need your help Mako as I have a computer virus from downloading too much of that midget porn that AC shoots. Damn you AC! Curses!!!!!!!!!
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Anyone fishing WRL this year?
Dave and I might cherry pick a few after he heals. Have to get used to boat fishing first.
Bet you we kick your arse.

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Team event Aug 29th sign up update
Hey guys,

I've been trying to recharge my battery but to no avail. If any one happens to have an extra one that I may borrow for tomorrow's tourney would be much appreciated.


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Team event Aug 29th sign up update

Keep laughin man. We'll laugh ourselves to the bank after taking yo money!!!

We've probably fished less than 5 times this year and I got an extra 20 spot says my team beats yours. Interested?

Mind you, this is all dependent on mother nature.

Until then:

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

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Team event Aug 29th sign up update
Put Dave and myself down as a maybe. If the waves are whack, we'll honor you guys with our presence.
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