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national bass west lake mendocino results 4/2
Thanks Bill! I've been on my honeymoon for the past few weeks and Mitch had to fish it solo, so I really can't take any credit. But at least I (we)get the points.
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Rods/Reels For Sale
Update: Lamiglas 764 and 806 are sold.

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Rods/Reels For Sale

Sure. I can put them to the side for you. Call me Friday.

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Rods/Reels For Sale

No, not getting rid of everything. Just the non-essential and duplicate items. I have much more than I need now.

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Rods/Reels For Sale
Hi All,

So I've been cleaning out the garage, making room for the little lady's stuff, car, etc and realized I just have too many rod & reel sets sitting around. All of this is in fairly good condition (a little wear), if not used only a few times. All the reels are lefty.

You can call me any time at 707-481-1651 or email @ r_stansbury@yahoo.com.


Rods for Sale
GLoomis CBR847 - 7' Cranking Rod, 8/10 condition - $125
Powell 765 CB - 7.5' MH cranking rod, 9/10 condition - $100
Dobyns 805 CB - 8' Cranking Rod, 9/10 condition - $100
Okuma GS-C-7111XH - Swimbait Rod, 9/10 condition - $50
Lamiglass XFT 764 - Carolina Rig, Small Swimbait, 7/10 condition (needs some eye work) - $50
Lamiglass XC 705 - All around Jig/Spinnerbait/Small Swimbait, 8/10 condition - $75
Lamiglass XC 724 - Senko Special, 8/10 condition - $75
Lamiglass XFT 806 - 8' Flipping Stick, 8/10 condition - $100
Reels for Sale
Shimano Curado (green) CU-201 BSF (Super Free, 6.2:1, left-handed, 8/10 condition) - $80 (2x Available)
Shimano Curado (green) CU-201 (6.2:1, left-handed, 8/10 condition) - $60 (1x Available)
Shimano Castaic CA-201 SF (Super Free, 6.2:1, left-handed, 8/10 condition) - $100 (2x Available)
Daiwa Zillion 100SHLA (left-handed, 9/10 condition) - $150
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Where are they now?
Hi Guys! I'm still around, just taking a break from it all, getting caught back up with everything else. I'll be back at some point.

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44lbs+...in one day by RUSS & ANDY!
I gotta say I'm in a euphoric state of mind right now. I could have only dreamed of a day like this. First an 11.5 lber on my 3rd cast. Then later in the day a 14.59. In the picture, it makes the 11.5 look so much smaller. She could hardly fit in the well, and you almost had to bend her in half to get her out. Unreal! Thanks Andy!
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Russ Stansbury!
Thanks! All is good. Leg is feeling better. Time to get back on the horse. We'll now be using my boat.
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Russ "The Man" Stansbury
Back to reality, I've been out of town for a few days.

The tournament was a blast. Lots of fish caught and the kicker came off my swimbait.

I hope this momentum keeps rolling for the Vanity Cup this weekend.

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Congrats to Russ and Bob!
Thanks all! I wouldn't say the bite was on fire, but we got the right fish in the boat. We caught all of our fish on rattletraps, swimbaits, jigs, and rip baits anywhere from Nice to County Park. The big fish (7.75 lbs) fell for a rattletrap.

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Congrats Russ!!!!!
Thanks all!
We had a blast. Cranked the 10.45 lber in deep water and had several more over 5 lbs. In the last hour alone, we had a dozen or so fish between 3 and 5 lbs in one spot.
Rich and I had a great day yesterday following up the same pattern. Rich had about a 6 lber and I had a 7. We had several 3 to 4 lb fish for a total of about 23 lbs. The bigger fish are really starting fatten up before it gets too cold.
What a great weekend overall!

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Deacon and Binh
Way to finish in the $. Can you please let us know how where we should send it?

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New club scale donations
I'm in for $20.

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Saturday Weigh-In Time
Hey Guys,

With the Lake County Water Resources annual Summer picnic happening on Saturday at Highland Springs, we might want to consider getting off the water a little earlier than 1pm (say 12?). I spoke to them this afternoon and they are expecting about 100 people. They will be starting at 11, but expect it to peak after 12. Also, with the 100+ temps, there will be a lot of other locals using the place. Something we should at least take into consideration and talk about on Saturday morning.


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