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Anyone know...
Just curious if anyone knows if Benno and Little Creeper are still making baits. If so where to get any and if not what happened.....
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Todd Iwamoto 2 year anniversary RIP
I remember nerdy, kinda awkward Todd from waaaaaaaay back in the day, going all the way back 8th grade. This was before fishing, before all the honors he earned in fishing. He was a friend back then, always nice, always willing to help out anyone. Then he became a fishing machine. That caring and willing to help anyone carried on to his fishing as well. He was really a one of kind guy!

Like you Bihn, there isnt a day that goes by that I dont think about the friends we have lost in this club. Chris Youlden and Todd! As long as we always think about them and the great memories...Thats the best way to honor them!

Gone but never forgotten
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Whats up Guys....Been a long time
Chris....Payton is getting really big. He just turned 3 couple weeks ago. He's doing amazing. Super good kid. How's Cammie and your boy?

When I do go out I out fish most of the guys around here. Dropshotters SMH. Noone out here float tunes or kickboats. All kayakers. Oh well. Yeah most of my gear has cobwebs these days. But here is a couple of fish I've gotten....
Click image for larger version - Name: received_473594779455628.jpeg, Views: 25, Size: 89.50 KB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_0474.JPG, Views: 24, Size: 267.89 KB
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Whats up Guys....Been a long time
Hey guys just wanted to say Hi to everyone. Miss you all and certainly(in the desert miss fishing) I try to get out about 5-6 times a year these days. There are a couple of little lakes down south by the mexico border but nothing really decent unless I go to Phoenix. So, I know the Open is coming up and wanted to say...Good Luck to you all! Catch one for me! 

Cmon on Darren K....Dont let me down tear this one up Bro!

Anyone heard from Scotty B? Hows he doing?

Is anyone going to video the Open this year? I would love to see a video and live vicariously! 

Tight lines

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Needing some help from you guys PLEASE
Binh and Chris Q

We will be fishing Lake Chabot on the 23rd(Sat) I hope you guys and more can join. Would love to see all you guys! I decided to ship my waders out and going to borrow some gear from Travis T. My Dad will also be joining in on the fun!!

Rich, DJ, AC, Dave...maybe some of you can come out. 
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Needing some help from you guys PLEASE
Thank you so much guys! I will have to see what my transportation looks like....

Q... if I come to your house you know where I want to fish!!! 

Binh....I think we will try for the Sunday the 24th. I will be in touch with Matt to see officially see whats what.

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Needing some help from you guys PLEASE
I will be coming to Norcal May 22-29th of this month and staying at Matt Cahills. I am looking to see if ANYONE out there has a pair of fins, waders and maybe a couple a rods I can use during the time I am there. I really want to fish with my Dad and Matt at Lake Chabot(since its so close to Matts house) and dont have anything to make this happen....

Any of you guys out there please help me out? Please let me know! 


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Todd's Memorial fund and Heat Stroke Sauce
This is not a new venture (OK semi new) but I am slowly starting to make a name for myself with the sauce. Couple restaurants want it and I have sold couple hundred bottles already. Just a reminder that a fresh 5 gallons is being made this weekend.....get your orders in. PM me if you want to get some.

To order, please email: arizonaheatstroke@gmail.com
Please include quantity and your shipping address. Tucson orders will be delivered in person.

Invoice will be sent to you in a separate e-mail via PayPal with payment instructions. Your order will be processed and shipped out to you within (48) hours of your payment being received.

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Todd's Memorial fund and Heat Stroke Sauce
As some of you may or not know I have been producing and selling my own Specialty/Gourmet Sauce out here in AZ called Heat Stroke. I call it a everything sauce because its great on everything. It a BBQ based sauce with Habanero and Scotch Bonnett peppers(Yeah its a little warm) But it is a seriously good sauce! 

Anyways for the next 33 days, I will give $1.00 for every bottle I sell to Todd's fund. I have posted it all over Facebook and now I am posting it here. I feel that since I cant be with you guys doing some tournies in his honor that this is next best thing. I will also personally match out of my pocket whatever Heat Stroke will make for this!

Thank you guys and gals!

For those interested in ordering my sauce it is $6.00 per bottle + shipping. Shipping is insured so that you always get it fresh and on time! Please let me know here or you can go to Facebook and look up Heat Stroke. Like the page and under the About Us section is all the ordering information!!!

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Greg Gutierrez signed jersey!!
What site Dave?
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A brother and best friend died today. Todd Iwamoto
I am at such a a loss for words. I have known Todd for about 25 years. We went to Junior high and High School together. I remember when fishing was in our blood but wasnt cool at that age. We both fished some of the same waters but never told each other about till couple years later. Todd was exactly the same back then as he was today. He was a great family man, great fisherman and a wonderful person!  I am so saddened by this. Todd will be missed!

My thoughts go out to his family!

RIP Old Friend
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Congrats Richy.....
I see a bait of yours featured in new Bassmasters issue. Page 82! Looks good bro. Glad your getting name out bigger and better!
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sat tournament rain?
This thread needs a "like" button lol....ahhhhhh the memories!!
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sat tournament rain?
That one tourney at CL on M&M where it was so rough the waves were crashing over the walls and wind and rain. That one was brutal! Fun but Brutal. Seperates the men from the boys!
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