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Clear Lake closed to Motorized Boats
When I read on Western Bass that they're closing the lake to motorized boats, and re-opening is to be determined due to the high water level, I couldn't help but think of you guys. Kayaks and I'd assume kickboats are still allowed. Can only imagine what it might be like without all that boating pressure.

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Congrats Binh - AOY!

AOY in this club is no joke. There's always been a lot of great sticks. Congrats Binh.


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Todd Iwamoto 2 year anniversary RIP
I've had the opportunity to take Todd's son Kai out fishing a few times. His stoke and never quit attitude reminds me a lot of his father. Like a true fisherman, his last cast is more like a dozen, or until he catches one last fish. Spending time on the water reminds him a lot of his Dad. One of my earliest memories watching Todd fish was during the B&T Clear Lake open. He was tying up a reaction bait, but at the same time had another rod on his lap, dragging a texas rigged or carolina rigged plastic. All of a sudden the rod is nearly ripped off his lap and into the water, he takes a solid sweeping hookset and after a short bit of chaos, he has a 6lber in his hands, all while making sure the rod with the bait he's tying on doesn't fall in the sink. It makes me laugh now when Kai asks to keep his power bait in the water for trout while we cast the shoreline for bass.
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FLW costa region starts April 21st
They'll have cut the 120 boat field down to 10 boats by the time you guys are on the water for Saturday. Mike, it was great catching up with you on the water last weekend. Good luck to everyone out there and be safe.

Dave Pham
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Springlake toad - new PB
Wow. Congrats
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shimano Curado Bantam Ball Bearings?
Mike, Todd used to work with Boca Bearings, you might want to check their website or call customer service. They specialize in high end ceramic bearings, a bit more pricey but definitely an upgrade. http://www.bocabearings.com

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Jig Fishing
Are you using scent? Smelly jelly, bang or your favorite flavor can get them to hold it a little bit longer. Also, don't pull the trigger too fast. Sometimes when you feel that initial thump, swinging for the fences isn't the way to go. Check to make sure the fish is there. If not, give it a few more light twitches to see make them grab it for good. Most often times that works for me. It's not uncommon for bass to kill their food before eating it. With crawfish, they'll hit it hard to crush or break up the craw before eating it, mostly when the shells harden up in the fall and winter. I've seen a bass stun a hitch at clearlake and when the fish floated to the surface, he took it head first.
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Definitely one of the busiest boating weekends of the year. At least almost all of Disco is no wake zone, if you guys can't change it, be safe for sure.

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anglers choice?
They cancelled the wrl. Lower turnouts after many anglers shifted to BBT have them focusing more on their pro teams.
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07-21-14 Lake Sonoma
Twins sighting [smile]
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Spreading of Todd's ashes
Binh, thanks for putting it out there. Kai, Todd's son also wanted to do some fishing afterwards. Sonoma was Todd's favorite lake, and what he considered his home lake. Anyone wanting to come down to bring their kickboats or float tubes down to join would be welcomed. 
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Delta Report
Finding those big ones on the Delta is TOUGH this time of year. Good job guys.

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Yorty Creek Status
Is the launch ramp in good enough shape to take a boat and trailer? I've only launched kick boats from yorty, not sure if its best to launch from the main launch and make the run. Thanks.
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Yorty Creek Status
Matt, thanks so much for the info.

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