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Fishing Gear for Sale
Thanks, Rich.  I'll see if I can make it.  I sure enjoyed my years fishing with the club.  I remember that TOC in the photo - must have been 2000 - 2002?
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Fishing Gear for Sale

Since I've only been bass fishing a few times each year, I have a bunch of gear in storage that I've used little or at all, so I thought I'd see if any of y'all are interested:

Okuma 7'11" Guide Select Swimbait Rod (2-10 oz baits, 15 - 40 lb line), Shimano Cardiff 400A + 2 Huddlestons (Sinker & Swimmer), all for $150.   I'd rather not sell separately.

Shimano Stradic 2500 FH A-RB spinning reel, $100

Wright & McGill Skeet Reese 8'0" Flippin/Pitchin rod, medium/fast, 3/8 - 2 oz baits, $40

Multi-tray worm box with various plastic worms, $35

Iovino 4" Liver Reapers, 25 count bags, never opened, $15 each or $25 for both

Storage box with various flukes, $15

Utility box with tubes, $20

Penn casting/trolling reels, $50 each or $80 for both.  (These are 1970s vintage & are in great shape but are "old school.")

PM me if interested.  I have photos of everything I can  e-mail  to you.

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A brother and best friend died today. Todd Iwamoto

I am in a state of shock over this tragic event.  Todd was an amazing guy – gentle spirit, intense competitor, great friend, mega-skilled angler…  A first-class guy in every respect.  My sympathies are with Michelle, his kids, his parents & the rest of his family.

What are the odds of this happening?  Seems about the same as getting hit by lightning or attacked by a shark.  I guess it’s a reminder of the randomness & unpredictability of life.  Like the rest of us who were fortunate enough to have known him, I will always carry great memories of Todd.

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Be Advised!!!!!!!
I'm a day late & a dollar short on this post, but what the heck...  I wrote those rules down in about 2000 or 2001.  They were based on earlier versions of the club rules that go back to the 90s - maybe the 80s.  Anyhow, kayaks with mechanical peddle/paddle systems hadn't been invented yet, or at least the issue hadn't come up.

Binh is right, there was disagreement over whether to allow folks to use oars with their kickboats "back in the day."  Kayaks do seem pretty cool.  Sounds like they can cover a lot more water, which would be a huge advantage on some lakes, especially Berryessa & Sonoma.  I bet everyone would enjoy the chance to fish the Cherry or Dry Creek Arms instead of being stuck in Yorty all day with 30 other tubers.
And if you're @ Clear Lake & can't run, it would also be a big plus.

Probably in 10 years, someone will come up with a solar-powered kayak or hover-craft or something & there will be another controversy.  Maybe the club will eventually have to change its name to the Non-Petroleum-Powered Fishing Vessel Club, or the Non-Internal Combustion Engine Anglers Association or something (j/k dawgs).

I don't really have an opinion on the issue but I'm sure you guys will reach a fair decision.

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Round tubers and U-boaters.

Thanks, Ricardo.  With my trusty Bass Pro fish basket, I just might find the mojo to hike up to Ilsanjo again for an old-school tournament.

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Round tubers and U-boaters.

This old-school circuit may bring me out of retirement, especially if I have the chance to school Messrs. Kozenko & Sweatt (j/k dawgs).

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Basic reel maintenance - who does?
Thanks for the nice words, Mr. Bogges. I do break my reels down & clean them, usually annually.  I'd be happy to do a demo, but it's really pretty easy.  The tools are simple (small flat & hex screwdrivers, a small box or adjustable wrench, Q-tips for cleaning)...  I'd say the main thing is good lighting & something to put the parts in as you take the reel apart (I use an egg carton).  Then it's easier to remember the order you took things apart so you can put it back together & you're less prone to lose small parts.  The Outdoor Pro Shop sells some good reel oil & grease.  Just go easy on both.

If you Google reel cleaning, I think there are already some good videos posted on how to do it.  Also, it really helps to have a schematic of your reel, which you can usually find on-line if you didn't keep yours.

It makes your reels run smoother & last forever.  I'm by no means a great mechanic & I've been able to take them apart & get them back together without destroying anything.
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Hook Trick
Thanks, Bill.  I don't think I have the psychic energy needed to fish the Classic, but if you're going to go to Clear Lake for some prefishing, I'm in for meeting you there.

BTW, your Raiders better not mess up another season this year for America's team - the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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Hook Trick
Thanks for the memories, Todd & Rich...  Yes, I well remember that day 10 years ago @ Blue Lakes when I came up with the bright idea of pulling the Rat-L-Trap out of the tree without bothering to take the tension out of the line...  The worst part of that whole experience was the Novacaine shot @ the ER, which hurt way worse than the hooks.

I'm sure it depends on where you're hooked, & there probably aren't that many nerve endings in the back of your hand, but truthfully, there was no pain & barely a mark when we pulled the hook out.  It's a trick worth knowing.
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Hook Trick

I hope no one from Trout Unlimited reads your post, Travis.  You’ll be a marked man.


You’re absolutely right, whoever is pulling that string can’t be tentative about it.  Luckily, my buddy didn’t hesitate & snapped it right out.  Having never done it before – I’m sure glad it works.

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Hook Trick

So I hiked in with a buddy to Kern Canyon – 20 miles from the trailhead whether you’re hiking there from the east or the west (we hiked in from the west).  I’m on a boulder, fishing a deep hole, get my lure hung, & then pop it loose.  Wham!  It slams into the back of my hand & buries past the barb.  I try yanking it out with hemostats – no luck.  So, I tell my friend, “I’m not hiking for three days with this hook stuck in my hand.  We’ve got to use the hook trick.”


I’d read about it but never tried it on another human being (although I have successfully used a similar technique to get hooks out of fish’s throats).  Anyway, if you haven’t heard of it – you run some heavy line thru the bend of hook, push down on the eye, & pull the line up & away from the entry point.  Bam!  It worked.  No pain, no gaping wound, no bleeding.  Thought I’d pass it on in case you ever need to get a hook out of someone.


Although I didn’t get as much fishing in as I would have liked, I did have about the best 15 minutes of trout fishing of my life on the Kern.  Caught 4 beautiful trout – 3 rainbows & 1 brookie – in a 15 minute period in the afternoon, including 3 on 3 casts.  My buddie also caught a nice rainbow a day earlier.  We did get lots of hookups with golden trout, too, but they were all very small.  Phenomenal place to fish – kind of like having Yosemite Valley to yourself.  Very few people, lots of wildlife, plus hot springs a few miles up the canyon, which are incredibly refreshing after hiking that far.

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On the Delta with FLW PRO Chris Zaldain - Photos

Dude!  Those are great photos.  U da man!

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How's Spring Lake?

Kdog & I fished the SO tournament last Friday.  Kdog flipped a couple, including a nice 4+ lb'er, but other than that, if you weren't on bed fish, it was super tough.  There was almost no reaction bite to speak of, although a few frog fish were caught.  Lots of 2 - 3 lb'ers on beds, though.  The good news for you guys is that by the time the Open rolls around, the reaction bite might start to really pick up.

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9 Pound 10 Ounce Whopper

Congratulations!  That's great news.

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MArine World/Vallejo/Dan Foley T-Shoot
I think those references are to Lake Chabot in the East Bay, not the lake by Marine World which also goes by the name of Chabot at times.

As for Paul Duclos, I actually interviewed him less than 2 weeks after he caught that fish from Spring Lake in 1997.  He showed me the photos, which were taken with a regular camera, not a digital  (those weren't yet widely used in '97).
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