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Want to fish the Open, but no boat?
For $100 I will ship this Caddis float tube/fishin buddy sonar/rod holder set up to your door in time for you to attend the Bass-n-Tubes Open at Clear Lake!
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Caddis Nav. II with fishin buddy 1200
I am selling my Caddis Nav. II float tube with a fishin buddy 1200 with custom float tube holder. Also with custom 3 pole float tube holder. All for $50.00 + shipping. The float tube has only been used once up trout fishing at Edison lake. If interested I can text/send a picture. Can't seem to post one from my iPhone.

To fish is to live!

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2 Used Water Skeeter toons for sale
Yep both have the inner bladder.
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2 Used Water Skeeter toons for sale
Just moved and need to sell these 2 used Water Skeeter pontoons that include the inner seals on each. Asking $50 for both. There used but in working order. I was saving these as back ups, after buying new ones. Can't seem to post a picture, but will send one if you want one.
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Is this one of you guys?
Not sure if its an old one, but it is a great shot! ...and with a kickboater! Click image for larger version - Name: image.jpg, Views: 126, Size: 89.86 KB
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BBT Update!
What is the membership cost and entry per tournament?
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Richs 2011 SCBBBC State Classic Report
Great job Rich! Nice new twist to the "Tournament Report"
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Update/Congrats to Richie for taking it home
Congrats Rich! Wow, no reports guys? What did everyone say they would wait til after the FLW?
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Sponsors and Classic Raffle Items!
Wow. Wish I could be up there
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Other bass clubs on the water my 2 cent
Pictures are good, but you guys will have to take it to the TD's attention of what ever org. They are fishing.
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Who's fishing BBT next year???
Strong possibility that my partner and I will fish the central coast region of this.
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Mr. Huffman's Westernbass Magazine Article!
Great job Craig !
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July 23rd WRL Clear report
Todd, Great Report! I just sent you an email.
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Place To Stay At Clearlake For 4th Weekend
Larry, posted details over at the B-n-t forum Thanks
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Delta (7 mile Slough) July 3rd
Yeah it looks like 7 mile is out. Stay tuned though, will still be out at one of the delta spots on Sunday . Will post where on Wensday
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