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A brother and best friend died today. Todd Iwamoto
Tragic news. RIP Todd. Thoughts and prayers for him and his family & friends. A very sad day.
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Anybody been to Berryessa lately?
I was there on Jan 2nd. Fished the narrows, upper east shore, and putah creek. Main lake was 52 surface temp and putah was 49. Fish were 15-35 deep with 25 being best. Jigs, hula grub, flick shake on 6-10lb test caught all three species of bass up to 3lbs. Lake is low and clear. All fish were main lake and narrows, most on rock points. Zero in the creek. We were up past the no wake area though. Good luck.
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Ilsanjo. Anybody been recently?

Well, my girlfriend and I made the hike up to Ilsanjo on Monday. Got a late start (almost 7am) and made it to the lake at about 730am. We fished until 1pm. We saw 20 turkeys and at least half a dozen deer on the hike up. There were several other deer around the lake including a couple nice bucks. The lake is beautiful and we had it completely to ourselves. I only brought one spinning rod each with a couple poppers, senkos, flukes, and a pack of power worms. We caught 30-40 fish with the senko working the best. Most of the fish were only 6-12” with about 10 being between 1-2lbs. the poppers worked great in the morning. I could hear a lot of fish busting way back in the reeds but I didn’t bring anything to flip with. The lake will probably be a lot better next year with those smaller fish growing up to the 1-2lb range. I hope I can make the next turkey shoot here. Good luck to all at the Open this weekend.



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Ilsanjo. Anybody been recently?
I'm considering the hike tomorrow. I haven't fished it since before they did the spillway work. Is it still loaded with 1-2lbers? Anybody have any recent reports? Thanks.

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None Boater gas Money
It depends on the tournament. If it is a TBF pro draw it would depend on how far I wanted to run. I usually always gave 40 dollars a day in the past. Sometimes 60 if we ran a lot of water. This year I started to give 60 dollars a day but every boater I have had has only taken 40 dollars. Hope this helps.

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FLW at Lake Shasta
Thanks guys. The fishing was pretty tough for Shasta. It made it even tougher for me since I broke my left collar bone in two places and fractured a rib on my mountain bike two weeks prior to the tourney. Fishing in pain is no fun. I was just glad it wasn't choppy. The boat wakes alone about killed me. The fractured rib really sucks. I missed two fish the first day and missed four fish the second day. Of my eight keepers seven came on a 5.8 Flick worm wacky rigged. One keeper came on a spider jig. I am happy with my finish since it hurt to cast, reel, and especially set the hook. At the same time I'm bummed since I feel if I was 100% I had a good chance to make the top ten. Rosey is next month. I hope to be close to 100% by then. The rib should be good and the collar bone should be close to healed. Hopefully I will be able to make it to a couple tube tourneys this year. Maybe Mendo! 

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Sac River help (downtown)
I am looking for some information/help on fishing for black bass in downtown Sacramento. I qualified for the CBC regional and we are launching out of Discovery Park July 23rd. We cannot run very far south of the city limits but we can run up river. They have the off limits posted on their website if you are interested in seeing what they are.

I have done some looking on google earth but was wondering if anyone had some personal information on the area. I know "City Limits Fishing" was there in the first season but I have yet to see the show.

This tourney has some of the biggest western sticks fishing it. I just want to make the top ten and qualify for the championship. Thanks for the help.

Pat Wilson 

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Kayak to Rent or Borrow

I got an Ocean Kayak Scrambler xt you can borrow. Using it this Friday on the Russian with the kids but you can use it all next week. Call me.

Pat Wilson
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lets change the topic

I think that was the father/son team (Mussat) who had that 16+lber in 99. They said they caught it on a baby brush hog.

I fished for the 1st time this year on Thursday up there. Got my personal best for Berryessa. A skinny largemouth that weighed 6.13lbs. Caught 3 others (large, smallie, & spot) for about 13lbs total. Felt pretty good since we fished for only 3hrs. All the fish came on a yami hula grub in grn/pumk with blk flake on a 3/16th football head 10lb flouro.

Hope everyone slays them up there today. Wish I didn't have to work.

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Report from Kansas

Well, what can I say? This lake is brutal! We are again back in the hotel today due to high winds. They are going to try and get us out tomorrow but this could end up being a one day tournament. Here is my report so far.


The first official day (Wednesday) was obviously canceled due to high winds. We also had a storm come in late in the afternoon that dumped a little rain and we were treated to a neat electrical storm Wednesday night. They did treat us to a tour of Fort Riley which was pretty neat. It still sucked to have to sit around all day though.


Yesterday I blasted off in 15-20mph winds. I got to my first spot about a 4 minute boat ride away. It was a main lake point I caught a couple keepers off in practice before the cut off. My observer, as with most of the observers, was a soldier from Fort Riley. He unfortunately was not very prepared for the conditions and was already cold. Luckily I brought a few extra things including some extra gloves, wool cap, and hand warmers. I told him to use whatever he needed. He still about froze. I spent about 45 minutes on the point getting blown around. The wind had already picked up to 20-30mph. I cranked, spinner baited, threw a jig, and dropshot without a bite. I then picked up and ran to my second spot where I had also caught a couple keepers in practice. This area already had three boats around it. The wind was howling and I took my spot on the bank. The wind was so bad you could barely go against it even with the trolling motor on high. Some of the sustained gust you could not even do that. It was bad. I got one bite on the crankbait. It was a small hit and I think it was a white bass. I also lost my fishheadz mask. It blew out and I did not see it. Bummer! We then ran to a creek where I caught a keeper largemouth and a couple shorts before the cutoff. It was brutal getting there and I took a couple waves over the front of the boat putting about 2 inches on the floor board. I then discovered my bilge was not working. I made it back to the cove I wanted to get to. The wind was still howling but there were no waves. I fished around without a bite. Another boat came in and I was going to ask him about the bilge and I found out his boat was broke down and the Skeeter boat guys were en route with a replacement for him. When they got there they discovered my bilge was clogged with debris from the factory. Well, at least I could now pump the water out. I was pretty worried about getting back before that. I ran around a couple other spots without a bite. I then ran back to the bank where I had the crankbait bite. I grabbed my spider jig and went down the bank. The wind was now blowing 35-45mph with gusts up to 66mph. I am not kidding! Some of the guys looked it up when we got back last night. I ended up getting a bite and put a barely short smallmouth in the boat. I thought I might be able to get it to go 15 inches so I put it in the live well. It was that close and in the waves I couldn’t keep it on the board that good. I fished hard there and had one other small bite on the jig but it spit it. It might have been a white bass since you get them to tick a jig a lot.  I then left and went back to the main lake point where I started. I was worried about making it back in and wanted to get closer to the ramp. I did not get another bite. I checked my fish before heading across the lake and to the ramp. Unfortunately I just couldn’t get it to go. It was so frustrating to see the small gap between the fish’s tail and the 15 inch mark. If I pinched the tail down a little I could get it to touch the 15 inch mark but they said they were only going to swish the tail and not pinch it down. I ended throwing it back. I sort of regret it now. With as few fish as were caught I don’t think they were very strict on the fish length as they had stated they were going to be in the pre-tournament briefing. I saw several fish that looked similar to mine weighed in. I was happy just to make it back in though. I felt sorry for my observer. He did not wear very good clothing and was soaked. I made him get out at the dock as soon as we got back in so he could go sit in a car and warm up. He was close to hypothermic.


Yesterday was by far the toughest fishing conditions I have every fished in. It was blowing harder than the first tournament of the year at Sonoma and was a lot colder. Even the guys from the Northern division who fish the great lakes said this was the worst conditions they have ever fished in. My body is beat up. You had to have the trolling motor almost on high the whole day and be on it constantly. The unfortunate thing about this tournament is it is almost a luck deal. You get the one right bite and you win. I just didn’t get that bite.


I am hopeful we will go out tomorrow. It is supposed to be colder tonight, getting down to the upper 20’s. The wind is supposed to lessen down to 10-15mph. I wonder what that will make the wind chill when we launch tomorrow. We will have to wait and see. I am probably going to hit the bank I caught the one fish on and had the other bite. I will just pound it all day. The only issue is if the wind changes direction which it already has some.


All in all it is still awesome to be here fishing the BASS Federation Nation Nationals. I just hope to make it back some day and get to fish a quality lake in the Nationals and not this pit. I will still go out tomorrow and fish hard. This is still anybody’s tournament. Good luck to you guys tomorrow.



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Federation Nation Nationals-Official Practice

Woke up this morning at 420am, 20 minutes prior to my alarm. No way I was going to go back to sleep. I got up and went downstairs to the sponsored breakfast. After some coffee, fruit, and eggs I went back upstairs to my room and got my cold weather clothes. I then made my way out to the chartered bus with the other 54 anglers.


The bus left the hotel promptly at 530am and we started the 15 minute drive out to the launch ramp. When we arrived I got out and went to my assigned boat. The first thing we all noticed was the wind was already blowing out of the south at 20+mph. I got my rods together and placed them out on my deck. I then checked the fish finder, GPS unit, and the trolling motor. All of them seemed to work fine. At 630am all the anglers were called to the end of the boat yard area to meet with the tournament director. He informed us that he was shortening the practice day and we were due back at noon. He stated the winds were forecasted to gust up to 45mph in the afternoon.


I went back to the boat excited we were going to go out. I figured he was calling us down to cancel the day. Well, my excitement did not last long. At 655am we were again called to the end of the boat yard. We were then told the practice day was cancelled due to the high winds. They then bused us back to the hotel.


I was bummed but glad I took the opportunity to come out and practice on the lake. I would estimate at least half of the field did not practice.


We were then free to do what we wanted to do. I just hung out at the hotel, took a nap, and read my book. I will not be surprised if tomorrow is cancelled also and this is a two day tournament. I will let you all know when I find out.


We have a sponsor dinner tonight which is about to start. The forecast for tomorrow is 20-40mph winds and rain. A major cold front is starting tomorrow also, with the daytime highs dropping 25 degrees for Thursday and Friday. Not only is it tough to catch keepers on this lake but mother nature is throwing us a curve ball. Nothing like a little challenge.


Talk to you all tomorrow.


Pat Wilson


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Greetings from Kansas/Federation Nationals

Hello from Kansas! Well, I flew out of SFO Sunday at 6am and got to Kansas City around 1pm. The BASS staff were there waiting for all the anglers to arrive and had a chartered bus for us. I loaded my stuff on and promptly went to sleep. I unfortunately had an animal medical emergency the night before and had not slept at all except for a couple broken hours on the plane. At least all my stuff (rods/tackle) made it with me on my flight. For those who didn’t know, my tackle (lures/reels) did not make it on my plane when I came out and prefished before the cut off in October and I had to borrow some stuff for the two days before my tackle made it to me.


We got to the hotel (Courtyard Marriott) in Junction City Kansas around 5pm. We had to wait until 3pm for all the other anglers flying in. The BASS staff checked us in and I went to my room and unpacked my stuff. I then went out and got some dinner and promptly went to bed. They gave us an itinerary for the week. I had to be downstairs this morning by 945am to catch the bus to the boat yard.


This morning I slept in to 9am then went downstairs and got some breakfast. I grabbed my stuff and loaded it onto the bus. They then drove all the anglers out to the launch ramp parking lot where all 55 brand new matching white 225 Skeeter Bass boats with Yamaha engines were hooked up to brand new Toyota trucks! It was very impressive to see.


I got out of the bus to clear skies, 70 degree weather and unfortunately 20-30mph wind. As we got off the bus a BASS staff member asked us our name and then told us our boat number. I am #16. Each boat has the number on the windshield so I walked over to my boat and climbed inside with all my stuff. It was then time to get ready. We had until 130pm. After that you had to leave. You are limited to 10 rods and can have two extra reels in your room and more tackle. If any of your tackle breaks you are out of luck unless a fellow competitor gives you something. You can’t go to the store and replace anything. If all ten rods break then too bad for you. The only thing you can get is line from a sponsor. Everything else has to be from a fellow competitor


Well, I had to put line on all ten rods and reels. 6 baitcasters and 4 spinning rods. By the time I was done it was 130pm and time to get back on the bus. They do not let anyone back into the boatyard until we start tomorrow.


I could look at the lake while I worked on my tackle. It was seriously rough and had 4-5 footers and whitecaps. The forecast calls for the same wind tomorrow on the first and only day of official prefish. Brutal. At least it is not snowing but the forecast calls for rain and a cold front. This fishery is already super tough. I think 18lbs over 3 days will probably win and if you get over 10lbs for 3 days you will be in contention for your division. I am hoping for 2-3 keepers a day. It is a 15 inch size limit.


I got back to the hotel and grabbed some lunch. A quick walk to Wal-Mart next door to buy some hand warmers and I was set. The forecast calls for wind tomorrow, rain on Wednesday, clear and cold Thursday and Friday (forecasted high is 51 for Friday 33 low).


We had the registration at 3pm were we got goodie bags of stuff! I had a little time to go put it back in my room before the briefing and boat orientation at 430pm.


At the briefing all the contenders and all the volunteers (boat/car drivers and observers) were in attendance. Most of the volunteers are Army personnel from Fort Riley. They were given a standing ovation for what they do for us by all the contenders and BASS staff. The rules and off limits were gone over then the contenders got a briefing on the basics of operating the brand new Skeeter bass boats we are going to be using. I made sure I had a good handle of the livewell system.


I just got done with the reception dinner sponsored by the local county (Geary) visitor center. I hope we get to go out tomorrow and get on the lake. We were told if it is to rough/windy again they will cancel the official prefish. Guess I will find out tomorrow.


I still can’t believe I am here. It is unbelievable to be fishing in the Federation Nation Nationals after qualifing through the SCBBBC! I hope to represent the club and California well. That’s all for tonight. I will try and post tomorrow but they fill our days pretty tight and they do not have internet access in the hotel rooms.


Talk to you all soon.



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need fishhedz help
Thanks for all the suggestions. John Lake got me set up and I got a new eye shield this morning. If my old one wasn't so scratched up the saliva suggestion would probably work. I never worried about seeing very well before since I am not the one usually driving. This tournament will be a little different though. Thanks again to John Lake and FishHedz! Gotta go get the rest of my stuff together. Talk to you all soon. I will try and take my computer and give daily posts if you are interested.

Pat Wilson

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need fishhedz help
I need a new eye shield for my fishheadz face mask. I leave for Kansas Sunday early. Any ideas how to get a non-fog replacement quick? I checked the proshop and sweeneys and struck out. Thanks for the help.

Pat Wilson
Cell 478-6331
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Vote to change Sept Clear Lake date to the 13th


“Thanks for your input Pat, but Ive only seen you at one tournement this year ... Nice way to support the club right?”


I guess my “support” in 2008 in the way of paying my club membership dues, representing the club in the 2008 BASS Federation Nation Western Divisional, representing the club in the 2008 BASS Federation Nation Nationals, representing the club in a future BASS Times article, helping club members with information when I am asked is not a “nice way to support the club” according to what I am understanding is being said here. Any ideas of what is going on in my life right now? Maybe I have a very personal reason I could only fish one SCBBBC tournament so far this year. Also who answered a request for a place to stay last year for the 2007 Federation Nation State Tournament by a SCBBBC member? I guess that wasn’t a “Nice” way to support club members either.


Thanks for reminding me why I had previously stopped posting.

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