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standing on your toon
I used to do it all the time.  I often would stand and use one paddle to move around the shallows to find bed fish since you get a better angle then sit down to fish for them and catch them once I found them.  Never fell in
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2009 SCBBBC Classic pics
Great pics, looks like some fun bass'in

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TBF R3 Clear Lake 7/26 Need non boaters
Hey DJ are you in for this one   

If so we can prefish on saturday let me know.

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will-he-go board
I use a flat board
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Delta Information
I'd tell him to stay at Beacon Harbor.  If he wants to fish for catfish at night, he can always go off the docks at Beacon, I see guys catch catfish from there all the time. 

Lake and I and a few other people will be out there this upcoming weekend.
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What delta location do you like or would you like to try a new location?
Middle is the only that could be tough on parking.  Whites is tough if you want to launch the Guard rd. side, but the Correia Rd, side with the Cement slab ramp has plenty of parking.  The other spots all have lots of parking and would not be a challenge to park. 

Mildred is a steep levee, but BNT has done it many times. Whiskey is not as steep unless launching or pulling out at the bottom of a low tide. 

Launching at Disco is expensive unless you know a home owner and they might be cool with it, but you also have to consider their neighbors might not be too down with a bunch of tubers making a bunch of noise at o'dark thirty.  You could always see if the Disco people would let you launch for a lower fee than the $15 i believe they normally charge.  Italian as Todd mentioned also is an option for you guys, so is going out of Lundberg landing down the slough at Piper so you would be fishing the other end of the slough and right near the opening to go out into Franks.

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weather forecast!!!
I agree this weekend should be bed city on the big ponds, I wish I was at Clearlake this weekend.  The Delta should have'em going as well.

This has certainly been a late year, sure some of the small lakes like Spring up in your neck of the woods have had fish on beds for the last month probably, but the big bodies of water take a longer time to heat up and have the big waves of spawners. 

We'll see spawners for awhile to come still.

Oh and dont wait till you no longer see fish on beds to start chucking topwater, you will miss all the great action you can have of fishing a frog over beds and such. 

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delta weight guess
19.70 just cause someone has to take the over on Dougie

Big fish 8.21

Good luck out there guys
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Delta problems
If you ever fish the delta you should join http://www.calsport.org/

Cheapest membership is only the cost of two lucky craft lures.  They actually fight these bills in court and at the state legislation level and have our interests in mind.

If you want to go to the next step craft a short letter in opposition to the bill print it, sign it, and send it to your local assemblymember and state senator.  This will take you 20 minutes tops.

Third link down is the find your district information: http://www.assembly.ca.gov/defaulttext.asp

The emails don't matter it is phone calls and letters that can count. 

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Open backseat on Friday
I will be at clearlake on Friday launching out of redbud, I have an open back seat if someone wants to go fishing.  Probably launching around 6-6:30
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rich email sent
Hey Rich I sent ya an email through the message board, if you dont get it let me know.


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Official Berryessa Total Weight Prediction
Robert Linden is gonna take it with 10.35lbs, big fish of 3.07
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Have you ever done the Ilsanjo boogie
No, but I've done the Beacon Harbor Hop a few times
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flipping with lighter weight or heavier
I dont flip the crank, but i'll pitch a speed trap or a bds into the tulles and brush, heavy laydowns, same with a chatter.

Concerning regular flipping I also like a heavier weight 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 most of the time. Can cover water and I get more bites on the fall it seems.  During the spring I will go lighter if the wind allows though.  Around the real thick stuff though I use 3/4 and up stuff and get most of my bites on the fall, occasionally a few on the bounce on the bottom.

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