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Anyone interested in an FG turkey shoot?
Long time not bein on here. So i've noticed no one has done a wed. night FG shoot in some time and man were those fun.Anyone interested? 6pm to 9 pm, 3 fish limit 12",flippin stick and frogs only, $20 buy in?
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*Meeting July 6th @ Round Table Pizza*
i ask the same.
i was in there the other day and they were wondering if we were coming back next week
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Messing with the drone on the russian river
I went with the Chroma Blade. 20-25 Min per battery. It s got a great tracking feature built into I. Send it up, lock it in on the remote and let it fly
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Messing with the drone on the russian river
 Which one you get and what do you get for flight time?
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2016 Season Update
i need the insurance contact info to get the permit done for berryessa
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*Official 2015 Classic Sign Ups and Details*
You will be graced with my attendance
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De hooking yourself
haha. That night at the TOC. We were all lookin at the hook. Andy walks out walks back in and said "i just watched how to do it on youtube". afterward we mentioned how many beers he had. I also remember Bill and the treble. He had to go to the Jack drive through before he went to the e.r..
   Yes Jon, memories.
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Best Crank Rods?
Dobyns 705CB.
   It appears that Mahoney has one for 150 bucks. Snag it up soon or i will
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Rose Parade sign-up's.
   Wanted to do it. Binh and I got a BBT that day. Can we have them move it to the 17th? LOL
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clear lake water temp
Low 60`s sunday afternoon
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LaPoint and Werner win BBT Clear Lake with 36 lbs!
On what ended up being a very tough day for many Chris and Marcus were able to find the concentration. 
 Way to go guys. 
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Where do you get your info from
+1 on the bbc boards. Much more than just bass boat info. 
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is Capel open?
Thank you
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is Capel open?
I heard a rumor a bit back that Capel launch was closed. Anyone know if this is true?
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