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The 2008 SCBBBC Tour date updated 12-17-07
Its too bad you guys could never get it together on the Delta Open
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SCBBBNT team circuit feed back needed
All looks great!
Sure would like to give more support ...
Just would like to see ALL STOP RUNNING!
Nothing to fear ...
Get in warter and fish!

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Nor Cal Team Kickboat circuit, Dec 9th
CZ wrote: Well if Joey is fishing I vote for Sunday tourneys

Hey what did you expect from me, anything to keep you two down

This is gonna be fun and you guys will be tough to beat.

Ya this could post a problem for me Fishing on Sundays.
Just got to do allot of praying through out the week.. Also going to late mass on Sunday might be the alternative.

Sure would like to see a balance of tourneys
Saturday as well Sundays perhaps?

Thanks for the kind words
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Spring lake
Just wondering if anyone been out fishing this hole lately?
Was thinking on hitting it on Friday/Saturday

Any help would be appreciated

Always more the merrier
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Sample Dealer Rods For Sale!
ooops my bad I thought they were Telescopic

FL194 MH Flippin 7'10" Non-Telescopic 1 peace 12-25lbs 3/8-2oz M-Hvy X-Fast

Damm.. I want two more of these similar rods
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Congrats on your win!
Yo Kevin, Way to go man!

You guys have all ways been in the hunt of a win.
Good looking fish.. Try to smile . You won!

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