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*Clear Lake Tournament*
Blast off at 3?
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Tournament Times
2pm to 10
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Delta tournament
The fourth dock to the right of the launch, if you throw a black and red senko with 43 blue flakes on a 1/37 oz jig head and retrieve it at .045 mph, on a negative tide, You will catch a 10lb + bass . 😂
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Delta tournament
Thanks brother 🎣
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Delta tournament
Can someone post the address of the Delta tournament location? I think I know where it's at but I haven't been there in forever.
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17th Annual Clear Lake Open on April 22th & 23rd, 2017" - SCBBBC
Is this a running event? Or just a run to your spot and row back? . The way you worded that, that soundes like me a running event
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Cabins for open
Yo guys 😁 If anyone doesn't have a place to stay, my buddy Marty is offering his lakeside cabins in soda bay, bout 30 mins away. He has 8 cabins I think, each has 2 beds, and there own bathroom and kitchen. It's a little bit of a drive, but you won't have to sleep next to a bunch of tweakers, lol. We will probably be having a bunch of BBQ n drinks too if you wanna join the fun. He's heading up tomorrow to get them all cleaned up n ready. 50 bucks a night for your own cabin. Just let me know who is interested, we might have more room, but for now 8 cabins available for sure 🎣
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