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Boat For Sale
Family circumstances force sale.

1999 Champion 187 Elite SCX
18'7" hull, with 10" setback and manual jack plate
52" MK Maxxum 80 with built in transducer
Hydraulic steering
One year old Trojan TM batteries
Optima starting battery
3 bank charger
Lowrance X135 on the front, LMS480 GPS in console.
Large rod locker holds several 8 foot rods. Tubes for 13 total rods.
47 gallon gas tank.
All pumps and livewells in good working order
Dual bilge pumps
Livewell pumpout

Boat is white with blue arrow and gold pins

175 Merc EFI has been solid. It has a fairly recently added lower unit.
Newer tilt and trim.
All new fuel lines.

Single axle trailer with swing tongue, and disk brakes.

Entire rig fits in a 20' deep garage with a little bit of angle.

There are a couple of worn spots on the carpet, and each seat has one split seam on the upholstery. All easily remedied.

Boat is in Middletown. Test drive can be arranged on Clear Lake. I hate to see this boat go, but family circumstances force sale.

Asking $10,500

I'm motivated to move this quickly.

Best bet is to email me at tarver_t@hotmail.com

I'll get some pics together and will be able to email them soon.

Several of you have fished from this boat with me in the past, and know of the unbelievable fish catching power that it possesses. I'll even leave the GPS waypoints I've collected over the years on Clear Lake and Berryessa programmed if someone from this board buys it.
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Classic PreFishing........Beware
Where did you guys launch from? If he hasn't already try to get ahold of him and have him at least file a report with the LCSO. If nobody stirs the pot on these kinds of things, nothing will get done about it by the county.

How did you end up in the tournament?
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Classic PreFishing........Beware
If you fish around the county park area, be aware that there has been some stealing of gas going on there. My truck got hit Friday. Whoever did it cut the fill tube where it drops into the tank and sucked the gas out directly from the fuel tank. It didn't only leave me with no gas, but also with no way to put gas in the truck. Another guy had the same thing happen a couple weeks ago.

 If you fish that area, either stay where you can see your ride, or roll the dice. If you do see somebody doing something shady, please do us all a favor, and just kill them and drag them into the tulles somewhere and let them rot there.
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Bassakwards wrote:




I love the way Kershaw flat out smoked my Astros last night...................oh wait a sec.......nvm.






Go Stros.

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new pb

That's a big one for sure. Way to go! I bet you replay that one over and over in your head as you go to sleep every night for a month. I know I would.

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We Lost a Good Friend Saturday!

Wow. I really have no words.

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I'm not going to be fishing the open, but you can certainly drop them off at Clearlake Bait and Tackle, and I'll get on them as soon as I can.


I may try to swing by the raffle Saturday afternoon. If I make that, I'll pick them up from you. Otherwise your best bet is to drop them off with Jimmy at the tackle store. He's the one that backs up the Redbud parking lot.

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MHX rod blanks??

I've heard nothing but good things about them. I haven't built one yet, but my favorite jig rod blank got discontinued by Lamiglas, and I have my mind set on one of the MHX HiMod balnks to try for the next rod. I have not seen one negative review about any of their offerings.

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Breathable Waders Leakings
LL Bean will warranty their waders for dang near until the end of time too.

You can't go wrong with their stuff.

And yeah, if your union between the boot and wader is leaking now, it's going to leak from here on out regardless of what you do to it other than replace it.
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Free to Good Home

I would send it down with you Billy, but I'm going to be working tomorrow afternoon. I'll find some way to get it to him in the very near future though. Thanks for the offer. Good luck with the fishing. Dress warm. This morning was 20 degrees at my house. Yesterday was 17.

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CatchemCaro Bait Co Released the Mr. Winters Official today!
Edgar Winter?

Holy cow! I didn't realize unitl just now when I wiki'd Johhny Winter that Edgar ever had a brother, much less an albino brother. What's the odds of having two albino kids? I heard the name Johnny Winter before, but never thought to associate his name with Edgar Winter.

Maybe you could use two on a modified Alabama rig and call them Johnny AND Edgar? You might need more rod to toss that setup.

By the way Rich, nice lookin baits!
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Free to Good Home
NorCalFishinguru wrote: Martin is  definitely looking for a new kickboat and I'm almost positive he'd be ecstatic to take you up on the offer. I'll tell him to get on the forum

Anthony Monraz

He PM'd me last night. He's getting it whenever I can get it down there or he can get up here. I'll be glad to see someone get some use out of it.

Mike, it 's more the fact that I haven't used the thing than it is storage space. The space will be better used for something else since the old boat has just been collecting dust and spider webs.
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Free to Good Home
My old kickboat has been hanging in my garage and not used for two years. If anyone out there wants a well used 8 foot steel framed WaterSkeeter, it's yours. You can come get it on your way up to Clear Lake, or I can bring it down the next time I head down to Santa Rosa.

I'm not quitting fishing or anything like that, but I need the room in the garage, and the old gal is just taking up space.

She's well used, but still has plenty of fishing left in her. If you listen to her close, she may tell you some secrets about Clear Lake, Sonoma, Berry, or HS. It has 6 rod holders, oars, pump all the regular stuff. I'll also send along the Bottom Line sonar unit and Ram mount. The battery comes with it assuming I can find it. There's a wheel that attaches to allow it to travel like a wheelbarrow. I haven't used it, but it goes along too. Creek company fins go with it too.

There are two minor issues. One of the pontoons has a slow leak. Easily fixed, but I just haven't gone about doing it. The other is that the temp function on the sonar does not work. Last time I used it the sonar was working fine.

Pretty much if you or someone you know is new to the sport, and wants to try out a pontoon boat setup, this is the cheapest entry you'll ever see. It won't pass for new gear, but the price is right, and it's all servicable. I'll just be glad to see someone get some use out of it.

PM me with contact info if you are interested.
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just win baby !


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Rod Repair
I would advise against Micros for any rod that you plan on ever using at Clear Lake. The small opening will plug off with the algae, and also with the tree fuzz that we get in the late spring and summer. That goes double if you plan on using braid. I've had trouble with regular size six guides with both the algae and the cotton stuff. Micros will just do the same thing, only faster and more often. Away from high algae/fuzz/gunk areas, micros supposedly give better casting distance, and a lot of folks reaqlly like them. I haven't built anything with all micros, but I've seen some, and they look like a PITA to wrap.

As far as getting all new guides, you may find the cost to rival the price of a whole new rod. What rod/guides do you have now, and what makes you want different ones?
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