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Id like to see it be on Berryessa. Delta would make it back to back down there. Clearlake would be awesome for a team tourney too.
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wanted: good oars?
Ive got a pair of standard issue oars that came with a southfork. I dont use them anymore. Only good part of that boat left [smil_2funny], you can have them.
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Wed. night meeting: IMPORTANT!!
Ill put my name out there as a potential officer. This club has given me a lot to forward to over the years, time to give back. I can make the meetings....just not nov. or dec.
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Congrats to Matt on his second Angler of the Year!
Congratulations Matt!!! You were absolutely on fire March through June and rode it out with consistent solid finishes. Way to go, 2 time AOY!
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Congrats Jon Graves on the Clear Lake Win
Thanks guys! Dave, you wacked'um too! 5.25 lb average is slayin, great season you had!
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*Delta Tourny/ Discovery Bay Marina /5901 marina rd discovery bay 94505 - Check In!*
Should be fun....are there any docks to fish down there?
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mattattack coming back
One of the OG's makin' a comeback? Sweet dude! 
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Kevin with 22lbs today at FLW Clear Lake
Go get'em Kevin!!!
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Bucks Bags South Fork for
I am interested. Ill call Sunday when you've had time to recover from the FLW.
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Congratulations Deren Kozenko Classic Winner!
[clapping]Way to go Darren, congrats!!! Thats the best weight to win a classic since it went to a 4 fish bag....by a long shot! Very impressive on a weekend when it sounds like the bite was up and down. Enjoy it brother!
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Runners Permit
That's great news Rich! Not sure what the classic would be without that permit, your work is appreciated by all of us! Wish I could be there to take off out of the parking lot with you guys. Im planning on making Sundays weigh-in.....I want to see some toads!
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Congrats Graves on the win at Berryessa
Thanks guys! You shoulda shown Richie, I for one miss your energy at the monthly derbies! As far as chasing down Matt, that's gonna have to be up to Brian G, Marco, Ayers or Cullen. Due to my lil' sis getting married the weekend of the classic, I will not be in attendance to defend my title. It would have been a tough task anyway, I doubt Matt slips again this year.

As for a report, I did not pre-fish for this one. I did surf the web a bit and first noticed that Ayers won with BnT at Berry pretty much a year ago with 4 for 7lbs and change. The other thing I noticed was the thursday evening turkey shoots held there went from 14+ lbs for 3 fish most of the summer to 8-11lbs the last few weeks. I heard about Marcus' 9lber friday evening and a couple other near misses. I determined that the bite seems to get a little tough out there this time year, but there is still a shot at a big'un.

From there I put together a game plan of trying to stick one good fish first thing and quickly moving to finesse baits. After nearly blowing my toon last October I got to know 2 areas near the ramp fairly well. I decided to stay close and keep my baits wet. I stopped on a point first thing and had smallies and spots busting randomly around me. I tried topwater for nothing and finally got bit burning a crank about 12' down, the spot crushed it. With nothing else on that and the sun on the water I made a good row and out came the 6lb test and drop shot. I went through 4 colors and different sizes before I got bit again by a 14" spot. 20 mins later another 14" spot and half hour after that a 13" largie. 

With about an hour to go I went to another area where I felt I could grind out one more bite for my limit. A half hour went by and I felt good weight load up on the drop shot in about 25' of water. I was careful with this fish on light line and questioned whether it was even a bass the way it fought. When I got a glimpse I was stoked to see a nice largie and into the net went a 4.30 lber. 

A great win for me at Blue...er, Berryessa. First for me outside of Clearlake and the Delta.
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where on berry
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berry time and check in
i wull be there.
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October Lake Poll
Disco Disco!
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