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Todd Iwamoto 2 year anniversary RIP
I guess it will be coming up on 3 years pretty soon but I was thinking about Todd tonight and found this thread on Google.

I don't need to tell anyone here what a great guy Todd was. He had that kind of deep-down moral backbone and integrity that few people have. I certainly don't.

I became fast friends with Todd in high school due to our mutual love of fishing and Track & Field. A few memories ...

* Age 15: Riding our bicycles all the way from Petaluma to Tomales Bay, multiple times and in the dead of winter, trying to catch steelhead in Walker Creek below the highway 1 bridge. Never caught a single one.
* Age 16: Our first no-parents overnight fishing trip. We drove his dad's minivan up to the Gualala River at night. Promptly stuck it in the mud and spent all night and most of the next morning getting it unstuck. As usual, no steelhead caught. [smile]
* Age 17: 2nd overnight fishing trip: Klamath River. Great fun catching 1/2 pounders. Crashed my parent's Jeep on the way home, though...oops!

...and so many great non-fishing memories too!

I really miss him and regret to this day that we didn't keep in touch after high school.

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