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Hey Bhin, I used to spend my summers at pinecrest with my family. Great place for trout... Lots of big crappie and shad too
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I'm in for the last one of the season... Count me in
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Clear Lake tournament oct 11th Sign -ups 4:45-5:15 check in Blast off 5:30 County Park (Weigh in 3 pm)
I get off work at 3am. Saturday morning... Does anyone think that's enough time to drive up to clear lake for the tournament?
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count me in ... Ive Never fished the mud lake, this should be good
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Kings Island
Anybody want to car pool or ride with me and split gas? Im not camping so I will be leaving in the am to fish ...

PM me if theres going to be a caravan or if someone wants to ride with me ...
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delta tourney
If I remember correctly, Kings Island has camping there ... right by where we launch from
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FLW Clearlake Oct
If its the CBF, yes I will be there, if its not CBF and you need a nonboater, sign me upl
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A brother and best friend died today. Todd Iwamoto
I just read the news as I was looking through Facebook and eating breakfast with my children... I am so sorry to hear the tragic news... My heart and thoughts go to his wife and children. Todd was a good friend and fellow angler. I always had fun fishing with him. RIP dear friend . Tight lines.
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Help needed to pick up rods at Outdoor pro

I will look into it tomarrow... I work there, I will check the back for them...

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Granite Bay at Lake Folsom
Not to be a party pooper, but has anyone checked the water levels at Lake Folsom? The state part site I looked at said that if the elevation was below 200 feet that the water would be to far from the boat ramp to be useable... has anyone been up there lately to prefish? Its a long way to drive to fish in a mud puddle... I was at Oroville last month for a FLW tournament ant the water level was 150 feet below full and our launch had to be moved to another ramp because the first one was completely out of the water ... I fear with the little rain we have received, that we might be having problems with most of the lakes this year ... Officers?
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yeah LOL, I called BASS and they said since I already am a member of BASS that I am not required to pay the BASS dues part of the membership fees ... thanks guys for the responses .. tight lines! see you all Saturday am!
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Never mind ... Thanks anyway everyone LMAO.... I called BASS today and got my answer
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I have a crazy question for the officers.... On looking at my BASS membership card apparently I am a member until July 2018. With that being said do I still have to pay the 30.00 for the annual BASS Federation Dues or can I forgo that fee when paying for my club membership? Pm me or call me ASAP so I can write a check and mail it out..
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