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Sonoma Pic
Congrats Tarver!

But not for the win or the big sack. Instead, you FINALLY knocked that drop shot fish off yer top 5 for 2011!!!


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Back Seat Open Thurs March 31 Clear Lake
Thanks Travis. I'll see you Thursday in the AM.

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Goose Egg Literally
Maybe they were gonna make some goose balut...
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Back Seat Open Thurs March 31 Clear Lake
Hey Travis, I'll take that back seat if it's still available. I need a swimbait lesson. I'll even bring a scale. PM to come...

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Wheres Doug?
I heard he's surfing off the Japanese coast. He should be washing up on the beach any time now. Rumor has it he might be at Clear Lake next weekend...
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It's a girl
Congratulations to you and your wife. Enjoy her while she's little, she'll be dating before you know it! Good luck getting any fishing done this year.


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Finally back From Bocas(couple pics)
Nice pics! That cabana on the water looks sweet. Way nicer than a rainy tent at Clear Lake. I like the shot of you stroking your monkey...

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My new PB
Congrats Josh!!! That fish looks like at least 11 pounds. Really solid from head to tail. But get a scale already dude!

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I'm bored so I'll try to clear up some of  the confusion. Here is what the current TOC standings should be with throwouts figured in for Josh, Andy, and Mario:

1-Mike Ayers              346
2-Matt Nyiri                324      
3-Dave S                   317     
4-AC                         300
5-Jon Bird                  291
6-Randy Kidd             290
7-Binh Phi                  289
8-Chris Lapoint           286
9-Jared Brendel          276
10-Bill Sweatt             272
11-Josh Peterson        264
12-Jordan Brendel      263
13-Deren Kozenko      259
14-Scott Beem            257
14-Martin Carreon       257

16-Mario Ugenti           256
17-Andy Mercado         252
18-Rich Caro               247
19-David Brown           244
20-DJ                          239
21-Chris Quinones        238
22-Anthony Monraz       236

As you can see, the last few spots are super tight. Scotty and Martin are currently tied for the last spot. Mario is one point back. But if Carson shows up at the last tournament, everybody will be bumped down a spot. The second half points qualifier is currently Rich but Deren, Scott, Jordan, Rich or someone else could take it.This TOC race is really close, too bad I'm not in it.
Hopefully that helps you Mario.


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Not so fast. You have Josh, Andy, and Mario with two zero throwouts but they only missed one tournament. Carson is the only contender who missed two tournaments. With corrections made, Andy and Mario are out, Scotty and Deren are in, and Rich is 2nd half points leader. Go Giants!!!!!!!!!


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Congratulations to our Classic Champ
It was the Brian Wilson black shoe polish beard that did it! Great job AC catching such good fish in such bad weather. I wussed out and went home Saturday night...

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Congrats to Mike and Bill
Yeah, nice bag guys. We shoulda weighed in at 7:00. That was the looooooongest night ever!!!

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*Official Clear Lake Roll Call*
Sign me up...
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