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A brother and best friend died today. Todd Iwamoto
That just sucks, he was a great guy. Didn't know him that well, but fished a Delta tournament with him one time with the SCBBBC and all I can say is nothing but a complimentary gentleman. Sad and a big loss not only to his family, but the fishing community.
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New PB
Nice fat Betty!! Spring is in the air!
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Lake and Park Closures, through out US.
Lake and park closures, through out the US.
Most of these lakes and parks are already unmanned!!! No resources or expenses are really even being conserved considering they need to hire security to keep people out, staffing cost less since there isn't any at most lakes, been that way for at 3-4 years now. We are thinking now America!! Stand up and don't allow this travesty. This effects all areas of our communities in the form of dollars spent as reflected in the above article. Less revenue means less taxes. People spend more money on recreational outings per trip then they do on basic need items. Do we need to ask the question "what are they thinking", not they are not thinking. Just very bad logic.
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CBF - 2014 Schedule? John Lake do you know?

Thanks for the replies guys. No offense to Kelly, but too bad you are not going to be back in action John.

Yeah, that possible schedule is going to make it tough to fish the schedule next year.

Appreciate the posts when further info. become available. Thanks again.

Hopefully I will see you guys out there at some point this upcoming season.

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CBF - 2014 Schedule? John Lake do you know?
Hi All, anyone know if the CBF/TBF schedule for 2014 is out yet?

John Lake do you know? I think you are going to be TD again this year.

Appreciate the reply.

Thank you.
Craig S.
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Yo John Bird

Is that a pickle or turd lure?

I know Jon's are much better.

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How it's done in Japan.
That is way cool. Whole lot of SmallMouth, really neat.
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Lake Ilsanjo
I seen this guy step on a rattle snake one time, then he turned around and was staring straight at a mountain lion.

true story, really.
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Day 1 leaderboard - Open
Cool, thnx

I'm sure they'll post it. Always interesting to see how people do on a two day event. 
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Day 1 leaderboard - Open
Day 2?
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Boat towing question......
Really steep ramps would be the only issue I see. I pulled a 17.5 Nitro with a 4.3L, but would struggle at times at ramps like Berryessa, but it always made it up the hill. If you had an automatic that will help, better torque.
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DFG Fish Count At Spring Lake Last Night.
Thanks Rich!!!
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