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12' OF FUN

Its time I need to sale my boat. So anyone interested please call or pass it on to anyone that maybe interested. Thanks
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How much are the kickboats at outdoor pro shop?
talk to Rich Caro get a Bucks Bag you can't go wrong. there lighter and have a better warranty then the fish cat. don't get me wrong i love my fish cat but at the discount we get on the Bucks why do any thing else it is about 100 a piece for new tubes for fish cat and if you need a hand fixing your seat let me know   C.T.  

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Moving the Pro Shop
Ken is moving the pro shop at the end of the month, I believe the date's were the 26 & 27 just wanted to give a heads up. so any one available that can help would be great  and give the club some good re-pore with Ken..  If you hear different please notify
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What kind of fins do you use and how much did they cost?
here are some good pricing on fins LeisurePro.com.  I use the power fins thay are short for easy maneuvering but put some lag behind it and thy move some water. thy were $80 at the bait and tackle dive shop in petaluma on badaga hwy
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Blue Lakes Question
If I recall we wanted to use the second scale at the classic, But some one told use it probably not be a good idea because of the possibility of weight differences of the scales....
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Scbbbc 2010 Officers!
Yes it is true I am going to resign for next seasons TR position. The big BOSS at home has spoken and i am in no position to argue. I probably will be missing a few tourneys as well next season.  I had fun doing it and when the time is right in the future I may step up again for a position..
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Official Classic Roll Call!
Beach will be there 
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turkey shoot
what about the Windsor ponds???
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Bass Jam
has any one taken charge of doing a lay out of the both?  I had a couple of ideas and also can get a deal on a sweet banner with pic's on it as well as are club name and logo. let me know what you think.
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I can get you tees hats jackets. what ever you want, even your whitey tit-tees 
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new sponcer FRABILL
at the top  thanks guys
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new sponcer FRABILL
I just got some stuff from Frabill for our classic next month. So to show some appreciation, If you guys could say a little thanks  it would go a long way for the up and coming season. Here is the lady I have been dealing with and got the stuff from.

 Thanks for your support..

Charlene Greenheck   cgreenheck@frabill.net 
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WE ARE HOME  we came home this after noon, it has been ruff, little guy has a broken humerus bone just below his shoulder and bruising from the seat belt. so Friday early after noon they let us come home. then later early evening he stated getting worse with the pain, so we decided to take him back in. we had to go to kaiser er then wait from about 7pm-2:30am when they finely put us up stairs. in that time poking him 4 different times for an iv because no one could hit his vain. a few more XRY's and another CT scan. they then determined he had a small cut in his liver. they said it was small enough he did not need surgery thank god.. (the liver is the only orgen in the body that regenerates its self) and then on top of all that he was having an allergic reaction to the tape adhesive. making his skin puffy sore itching  and stinging . So far for him all is a little better, just a day at a time  here are some pic's of my poor bug..


For may mother in law, She is still at the hospital. Since there hasn't been some one around her contently she hasn't gotten the great is care.  they originally said she had a couple of fractures in her left leg and hand, severe bruising of her chest and neck area from the air bag. now thew re examined her and they just did surgery on her left ankle putting four pins in. we will find out what there going to do with the rest of her problems tomorrow. It is just going to take some time for her to heal.

I just want to say thanks for every ones support and concern. its just one of those moments you don't think about or want to think about until it happens..  Thanks again you guys..

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tons of lamiglas rods for sale?
I't doesn't hurt to explain the history and ask?? does it

sorry i was in a hurry.. just because your back to school back to school , Billy
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