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Fountain Grove
So... how did you guys do?

It's been weeks since I've been out there. Have those weeds taken over everything yet?
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Fountain Grove Pond
BassBasset, thx for the info. Looking forward to checking it out. What was the water temp? Any spawners still/yet?

re: shad bite... I don't usually start thinking about Shad until May.

RUSSIAN RIVER "Shad showing from Johnson's Beach to Memorial Dam and anglers have been hooking fish on white/chartreuse or white/pink attractor flies or 1/32-ounce mini grubs in the same color schemes. A few people have also started catching some pint-sized smallies on black grubs and tubes.

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Fountain Grove Pond
Gents, help me out here. I have never been to this place and want to check it out but do not quite get which pond is which.

The attached overhead picture of the Windsor ponds has each body of water numbered 1, 2 and 3. I am assuming from the comments that #1 is the "front pond", #2 is the "middle pond" and #3 is the "back pond" (which is off limits). Is that correct?

Also, do I have the parking lot marked correctly?

Thx much!
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Fountain Grove Pond
Let me guess: next up is paddle boats, water slides, and concessesion stands. Perfect! :-\

And what's the deal with the weeds? I went out there a few times last year and despite the reed-chopper-thing-ama-jigger managed to have a few decent days. The weeds and moss were there but you could fish around and over them. This year the salad is so bad you are pretty much stuck fishing top-water or deep. :-O yaaawn

Well, atleast we still have Lake Ilsanjo. Oh wait, that lake is empty. :-(

On to Spring Lake! Well, uhm, maybe not. I have not read a favorable fishing report for that lake in this forum for quite some time. Anybody catching anything there? Rich got blanked this last weekend... and in early-May - The peak of spawning season... that's a shocker.

What a strange spring for bass fishing this seems to have been. Good to know that Sonoma and Pillsbury (UkiahJon!) are still producing.

Hopefully that shad bite on the Russian will be decent...
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Lake Chabot/Vallejo/Marine World
I fished this place a couple of times as a kid back in the early 70s. Nice little lake.

Apparently those bass are loving the trout plants:

"...On 4/27, Sou Saechao of Oakland caught an 18lb., 11oz. bass fishing from the 2nd Dock using a fish trap ( silver & green Glitter)..."

Nothing like catching a monster while sitting on a dock.

Reports >> http://www.ebparks.org/activities/fishing/anglersedge

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ilsanjo disaster update
Excellent work! Keep it up and perhaps we'll come out of this better off than before the whole mess started.
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ilsanjo disaster update
I ran into Ranger Bob while riding up in the park yesterday and talked with him for like an hour. He was totally psyched about the PD story. Way to go bobinduck for getting that PD news reporter out there!

Anyway, Ranger Bob says we have to keep the pressure on and send more letters to anyone and everyone to keep the spotlight on this mess. It sounds like the resource ecologist (Ms. Hastings) is the one who is recommending the bizarre drainage of the lake. Maybe if we hammer on the chief of the park service then they'll open a rightly deserved can of ol' fashioned whoop a$$ on those responsible.

Let's push for getting some Florida strains up there! Oh, and put back the golden shiners we used to have in there too. Those bass gotta eat...
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Fishing Tomrrow!!!
Excellent. Glad to know the chilly weather this week ain't keeping them down. Guess I'll head over there this week.
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ilsanjo disaster update
EXCELLENT! The story appeared on the front page of the Press Democrat website!


Thanks to everyone who made this happen. Keep up the pressure and send your letters and call the park service.
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Fishing Tomrrow!!!
Did you fish Fountaingrove this week? I haven't been out there since 3/17 when it was pretty slow.
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ilsanjo disaster update
The lake level will certainly drop further over the spring and summer months. Typical rainfall for April through June is only 2.7 inches and most of that will be absorbed by the surrounding dry soil that has not seen meaningful precipitation since February.

Whatever fish are left in there are goners. Please write or call Mary Pass and let her know this is unacceptable. The more letters and calls they get the better the chances that this ridiculous water management practice is reversed.

Rich, if you can send your letter representing the club and its members then I am sure that will carry extra weight.
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ilsanjo disaster update
I encourage everyone to send a letter and/or call Mary Pass at the park service about this. Contacting the media or elected officials would be a good idea as well.
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ilsanjo disaster update
Some clarification regarding this debacle...

The park service commissioned a project in 2004/2005 that "repaired" the manual drainage valve at the dam and dredged/cleared the overflow area in the north/west corner of the lake that drains down to Spring Creek which forks before continuing into Spring Lake and the creek along Parktrail Drive. I did some research (via Google) and found some documents discussing trail erosion and sediment movement in geological surveys and watershed studies for our area. How these studies are linked to the drainage of the lake in recent years (below healthy levels for aquatic wildlife) is not yet known.

I mountain bike and hike in the park 3 times a week and fish in my float tube a few times a year so have seen this situation play itself out from the beginning. The drainage valve at the dam is opened in the fall and left open until early spring. The first year this was attempted, after the construction work was done, the water level was properly left at a natural and appropriate level. Last year the water level was drained too low and the dry spring did not fill it back to a normal level. The water remained more stained than usual throughout the summer. The valve was again opened in the fall and despite the lake being nearly full at the end of the January storms the drain was left open despite the lack of rain in late February and all of March. The level now is the lowest I have seen it in the nearly 30 years I have been going up there.

I, and some friends of mine, have had several conversations with Ranger Bob who is responsible for Annadel State Park. He has indicated that the drainage valve was *not* broken as was rumored to be the cause. This, of course, implies that the lake was knowingly and willingly drained... though the purpose or benefit is still unclear. Other than the water district reports/studies regarding sediment flows into the Russian River I can find no <online> references to why the lake and park are being managed as they are.

Many of us are writing letters and calling the district superintendent to express our outrage at this seemingly destructive policy. Contact information is as follows:

Mary Pass
Superintendant, Silverado District
363 3rd St. West
Sonoma, CA 95472

707-939-2147 (office)
831-245-5866 (cell?)
mpass@parks.ca.gov (unconfirmed email address)

If you write a letter also include a CC: to Marta Hastings who is a resource ecologist who has apparently been a part of the decision-making process regarding trail erosion, water level management, and soil/sediment issues. I could not find any direct contact information for Ms. Hastings.

Please note that according to the CA state parks website Mary Pass was promoted to her current position in April 2007 and was therefore not in charge of the project that modified the lake in 2004/2005 but she *was* in charge of the terrible drainage of the lake this spring/winter.

The park website also lists the following contact info for our area:


Diablo Vista District
845 Casa Grande
Petaluma, CA 94954-5804
(707) 769-5652

You can also send an email to the park service's general information contact at info@parks.ca.gov

Added pic of the drain valve at the dam below...[IMG][/IMG]
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lake illsanjo
I was up there hiking on Thursday night and the lake was lower than I have ever seen it. Looks terrible (see attached photo).

Anybody know who is responsible for controlling the outflow?
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Not to rock the boat, but what about trolling motors?
Interesting thread. Where and how does your club draw the line for flotation and propulsion method? Is that posted in your rules section somewhere?
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