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Float Tubes For Sale
Post 'em on Imgur.
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Guide out at Clear Lake w/ Little Ones?
Been away from the forums and fishing for a long while, but I have missed it dearly.

Looking for a recommendation - I want to take two of the little ones (8 and 7) out for a day on Clear Lake.

I'd be focused on numbers to keep the kids interested instead of a quality bite. They both have the basics down.

So - question

1) Best time to go for numbers?
2) Best guide to help us given the variables?

Thanks for the help!
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Russian River Steelhead
How did it go?
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Im going to be in SR Dec 5-9
Hope all is well with you Deacon. You got me in to this sport, taught me how to flip and pitch plastics which are now my confidence bait! You're the best!
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Russian River Steelhead
I'm up for both days this weekend, but cant make it until then unforutnately.

How are you planning on fishing for them? On a fly? Float/jig? Roe bouncing?
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Russian River Steelhead
Really excited for the bite to turn on!
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Shore Report - Stafford Lake, Novato
I have gone a couple of times recently and have similar experience.

Thinking about heading out today. I'm "sick"
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Shore Report - Stafford Lake, Novato
Took the kids out for a couple of hours tonight.

Good 'ol bobber and nightcrawler on their poles; pitching a wacky senko on mine.

They each caught a crappie and I caught 2 - 1/2lb'ers. Normal size for that lake.
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Off topic
Anyone taking their kick boat out to be part of the crowd?

Could get some fishin in at the same time.
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JA Quick & Mr. Winters are at the Outdoor Proshop!!!!!
I'll be headed there today with my boy
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Has anyone been out to the Windsor Riverfront Ponds/Lakes?
We caught 11 or 12 all together. Nothing of size. We fished really fast and got around the whole thing in about 4 hours. All caught on t-rigged plastics. No bites on the jig, too cold for the crankbait, a couple of solid bites on the top water, didn't try a spinnerbait.
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Congratulations Jered On winning Berryessa! - Results are Up!
Awesome job! Sounds like a tough bite all around.
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Has anyone been out to the Windsor Riverfront Ponds/Lakes?
Thanks for the info!

I'm on my way there right now. Hope that I see ya!
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Club Canned Food Drive - Hot Topic!
Sounds like an awesome cause! Thanks for the quick response.
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