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Deacons Report
Good job, D
I know just how you feel. The last time I fished the Open I had a fat 20+ lb sack on day one but then got brutalized on day two.
Take care, bro.
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Clear Lake Report

Awesome. Great report, dude.

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Carson Riley Wins BNT Open

Congrats, Carson! Way to slay on what sounded like a brutal day.

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yeee!!! My Report
Congrats! Great report too.
I'm kinda surprised it was so tough but I heard it had been really cold & windy.
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Looong detailed reports!

I wanna hear 'em. Looong detailed reports from the Open so I can imagine I was there.

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dream fishing trip

revrat wrote: 1. Australian north coast for as long as it takes to find my grander blue or black marlin.

Ohhhh... NICE! The Great Barrier Reef... I haven't thought about those fish in a looong time. First read about 'em in a Field & Stream when I was a kid.
Gotta be careful fighting them as they'll go deep and die, then you'll never get them up.
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dream fishing trip
1. **30 Day long range trip** Revilla Gigedos - Clarian, Socorro and San Benedicto Islands for 300 lb Yellowfin Tuna
2. Midway Island for Billfish, tuna, wahoo & dorado
3. Costa Rica for Roosterfish
4. New Zealand for Yellowtail
5. Amazon for Peacock Bass

That 30 day long range trip is definitely on my bucket list. I wanna do that BAD!

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I knew it would happen one of these days.

Rich, I did that for a B-n-T TOC several years ago that was way the hell out by Marysville, as I recall. All I got for the entire trip was a speeding ticket.

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Honest opinions?
To continue the "bigger picture" thought... Try some unique ways of lighting the baits. Try some backlighting so the colors shine thru. Use a telephoto lens to get really close up. Set a "stage"! - Get a shallow box, fill it with pea-gravel, use a spray bottle and get the gravel wet... get the bait wet too! Take photos from unique angles. Make it dynamic.

Notice how in car commercials the pavement is always wet? Notice how in beer commercials the beer cans and bottles always looks cold? That's kinda what I'm getting at.

When I worked on tv commercials in LA, I once worked on a Tecate beer commercial. We took only the very best looking cans and bottles to be "heroes" for the shoot. We sprayed 'em with plasticoat spray paint. Then they were smeared with gobs of a super-absorbent polymer called polyacrylamide that when mixed with water, looks like ice. And finally spritzed with water from a spray bottle. The bottles would LOOK icey cold for hours even though they were really hotter than hades under the bright lights.

It's all in the presentation... kinda like fishin!
Tight lines
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Lake Mendocino
That's awesome to hear. I'm glad that lake finally filled up from the trickle it was last year.
Have fun up there!
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new way to use huddlestons

Bummer. But at least ya got a great fish story!

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Check out these Glasses!
That's AWESOME! Far better than the old school camera helmets used for skydiving back in the day. Guys used to get their necks seriously tore up on opening.

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Moving for the pro's
basserdave wrote:

If I was fun fishing I would let any tournament fisherman fish through.  If I was tournament fishing I would stand my ground for local club guys fishing a tournament.  Even if I was tournament fishing I would give my spot up for the BASS or FLW guys cause that's how they support their family. 

Ding ding ding! This is the correct answer.

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I (and pontooners) get smashed on other forum...
Interesting thread!

I had a somewhat similar but very civilized debate about pontoons vs sit-on-top kayaks with some guys on a message board here in Austin.

Their argument;
1. Speed to the spot. Kayaks are just plain faster and easier to row.
2. Kayaks "Cover" more water in a day. (see #1. so they're really repeating themselves)
3. Easier to row in the wind. (kinda almost back to #1 again)
4. Shallower draft and narrow so you can go places pontoons can't.

My argument;
1. Granted, pontoons won't go as far or as fast as a kayak.
2. A pontoon will actually cover more water while fishing because if your line isn't in the water, you're not really covering it, you're just passing it.
3. Having fins in the water gives you boat control in wind and current. Ever try to row and fish at the same time??? It can't be done effectively. With fins you can cover shoreline while crankin' or throwing a spinnerbait. Or you can keep yourself in place while pickin' apart a laydown flippin' with a jig or worm. THAT is covering water. 
4. Heavy wind and heavy current... OK, they win that one.
5. Kayaks are skinny but they are long. They can't turn 180 degrees in as narrow a place as pontoons can. As far as the draft goes, how much bigger a fish is gonna be in an extra inch of water??? So area accessibility as an argument is a wash.
6. Pontoons can carry a livewell. (kayaks can carry a BAIT WELL)
7. Pontoons can carry more rods and tackle, coolers... the list goes on.

In the end however, not a single one of 'em would acknowledge that a pontoon might actually be a superior fishing craft to a kayak. A kayak is not an upgrade at all. I think they would be an advantage in the ocean but that's all. And again, it's because of ease and speed of rowing in a BIG body of water, not fishability for fun or in bass tournaments.

I guess my point is that your not gonna change anybody's mind when what they really want is to be RIGHT. That dude didn't have all the information available and was clearly biased. In fact, some of the other 'tooners there haven't experienced the full capability of pontoon boats either.

Tight lines,
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