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*Official 2017 Classic Sign Ups and Details*
I wish i could say sign me up, but have to work!!!! Gonna miss it!!!! Gonna miss the good times hangin out with you guys
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17th Annual Clear Lake Open on April 22th & 23rd, 2017" - SCBBBC
I won't be there but good luck to all of you!!!!
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Leaving scbbbc
Well i would like to let everone know that Laura, Tucker and I are moving to Montana. We made this decision back in December. We found a wonderful piece of property in the mountains near Glacier National Park. Laura and I have always wanted to own land and now we have that opportunity.
We just sold our house here in Windsor. We will be out of here in about 3 to 4 weeks. The are several other reasons we are leaving Californis but I wont get into that here. We are also doing tuis moclve for our health. Our lifestyle also fits better in the Montana enviroment verses here in Cali. So there is an open invite to anyone that would like to go do some amazing trout fishing or hunting if your ever in the area.
So now the club might have to find a new cook!!!! My hope is to come back during the classic. We are going to kinda plan our vacations in or around the classic. I have met some wonderful people here in this club. This is one thing that both Laura and I will miss. I have learned alot and gained friends along the way and I thankyou for all of the fun times.
The best part of leaving California is going to be seeing it in my rear view mirror!!!!!
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Next Season Lakes and Officers
I wish i could make some this next season. Doesnt look like it for awhile. Got to get my time in and some seniority first. If i am off on any of the weekend i might go if the warden doesnt care. As of right now i am out 3 weeks and have 3 days off
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Classic BBQ and Friday Potluck!!!
Thanks guys!!!!

Jason 2 or 3 bags should be good I think.  Whatever kind you feel should be good.  potatoe or mac sounds good to me!  The pig is in the brine as we speak!!!!

Thanks Rich for the good words, We love doing this.  i was a little bummed out with the thought that I possibly would not be able to make it.  So when I found out that I will leave the 26th I was stoked!!!! 
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Classic BBQ and Friday Potluck!!!
I was unsure if I was going to making it to the Classic due to my job situation.
I won't start my new job until the 26th of Sept.  So in this case I will be doing the BBQ.

We will be having Hamburgers and Hotdogs.
I would like to ask for a couple of volunteers to bring potato salad or macaroni salad for the bbq. Also someone to bring chips.
This will take place about 530 -6pm after the weigh-in and before the raffle.
The club will be providing the food.

I am not going all out this year due to time and money situation. Usually in the past i have done burritos for breakfast,  this year I won't have the time so I do apologize.   

I will also be cooking a wild pig ham on Friday.  So if you would like to due a pot luck on Friday with everyone your more than welcome to bring anything you would like.  I don't have my campsite yet but will update that asap.

If there is anything you guys want bring it or let me know.
Hope to see everyone out there!!!


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Class A Drivers test!!!!
I passed it!!!!! Now off to the long and winding roads ahead. I shouod and will more than likely be at the classic now i wont know until atleast by wed next week.
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Clear Lake Classic Volunteers!
I am hoping to go. I dont know what is going on until friday sept 9th. If i pass the dmv driving test, i will proably be hired and start working rigjt away. But again i dont know. If i am able to make it to the classic, i will do the weigh in. Plus the bbq. Either way i will let you guys know as soon as i find out. Dont want to miss this tournament but, work has to come first, been out too long and have bills to care of.
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Sonoma Nights can't wait
have fun, wish i could go!!!
maybe i will show up for the weigh in. not sure how school is going to go yet
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May Meeting 4 May 2016
Don't forget about the may 4th meeting at the Round Table in Montgomery Village.
For anyone new the address is 

2424 Magowan Dr
Santa Rosa, ca

It will be on the south side of Cattlemans Resturant across the street.

Hope to see everyone there!!!
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Yamamoto sencos are made with cheap plastic now!!!
Well doesnt that just suck! Lets start a class action lawsuit, it is demoralizing to my health using these "new" baits. Lol
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*Next Meeting This Wed The 6th*
Ooppss i actually forgot about the meeting
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club community service needed
I will see what i can do. To far out to say for sure.
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yes i have it in my garage!!!!! do you want me to hold on to it until the BNT and charge your battery before???

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A day to remember.
Good job guy's!!!  The bite definalty changed for me since Tuesday when I pre-fished!!!
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