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Congratulations Kevin unprecedented 3 Peat Win at BNT Open!
Congrats Kevin. Sorry I missed day 2, I had my main water line bait at home on Saturday and had drive back to Santa rosa.
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Congratulations Mike! Great job
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Kayak tournaments
Thanks Kevin.you have some great and valid points I Have always had alot of respect and admiration for you. Your consistency amazes me. I know you care about this club as much as I do. If the club does not change or adapt I worry it will the numbers will continue to dwindle. I hope my post did not come off wrong or was preceived negatively.
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Kayak tournaments
Who was the first member who showed up in toon? If I am correct didn't we have to vote on allowing oars? I think there is an opportunity for this club to be around another 30 years. What was started 30 years ago has turned in to an amazing club with a great history and following behind it.

What I am suggesting is change, but this club has always evolved. That's what makes it great. Not just peddle drive kayaks, but getting rid of live wells. Which I think is better for the fish, specially during spawn times. I still see pictures of bass on stringers, then we enter to baskets and then livewells. Well let's take another positive step forward. This would allow trolling motors to be added to pontoons and kayaks. This topic comes up a lot with our club, here is the solution.

I love this club and the guys who fish it, past and present. I am proud of being part of it. I have an huge amout of respect and admiration for what our officers past and currently have done to keep it going. I just want it have a bright future in front of it. Does it right now? What if we added 30 plus new members to the tourney and the meetings. Fishing Kayaks tournaments are the fastest growing area of the sport. Let's jump on board, what's the worst thing that will happen? Either way I will continue to do what I can to fish with the club and support it. Thanks for the support and feedback.

Just my .02,

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Kayak tournaments
billythekidd44 wrote: Sounds like its time for the senior circuit to begin. [smil_2funny][smil_2funny][smil_2funny][smil_2funny]  

Lol! Seriously Bill! I can just row in circles now.
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Kayak tournaments
I know there has been a lot of debate on this topic in the past. One thing that has come up a lot is the use of trolling motors but this is not an option with live wells and pontoons, so what about considering getting rid of liveWells and going to the measuring system? There are clubs all over the country doing the measuring and photo taking and it is working. It is another way to protect the fish, especially during spawn and in the summer.

Kayak fishing is one of the fast growing sports right know and it is only going to increase. We have always evolved has a club, that's why we have been around 30 plus years. But for us to continue growing we should consider as a club make some positive changes.

How many people could we had to our tournaments if we did some of these changes? How many new members could we add? Can you imagine trolling motors on toons and kayaks with peddle drives. How much new water would be open to fish? If we did not have live wells, could running be bigger option and lakes? I know this is a lot to consider, but if we if we do not change we will not grow.

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Kayak tournaments
Rolo wrote: You can use a kayak in SCBBBC.

"1.  All SCBBBC tournament fishing must be conducted from an inflatable float tube or kickboat (pontoon style) and kayaks. Tournament Anglers may not fish outside of their boats for any reason. Anglers must be floating in their boats while fishing. Anglers may not accept assistance from boats or other anglers to move about the body of water. Only fins worn on feet and oars may power float tubes, kickboats and kayaks. The use of motors and sails and any mechanical propulsion is prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in Tournament disqualification."

One thing in regards to the current rule, is that I wish that Hobie fin style propulsion would be allowed. There is always going to be the pros and cons of using a kayak, but speaking personally as someone who can not use oars at the moment due to a shoulder injury, it would be nice to be able to fish again.

I as well would love to see the peddle style Kayaks added some day. I have only recovered about 70% of my strength back in my shoulder since my surgery and I just can't row with my right arm. I just got a Hobie Pro Angler and it has been amazing to be back on the water. Miss fishing with you all and hope you are doing well.
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Congratulations Kevin - Awesome!
Kevin Congrates on a epic win. It was very impressive.
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Whats up Guys....Been a long time
Yo Deacon. Miss ya man. Hope all is well. Keep in touch.
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Todd Iwamoto 2 year anniversary RIP
I will never forget the day I met Todd at spring lake. IF it was not for him I would have never joined the club and made so many great friends. He was always giving me advice and positive words. He set the example for us to follow as fisherman, friends and humans. Todd will always be with us.....he clearly left a legacy.
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A day to remember.
Congrates Bihn. Can't wait for the open. Great job the our officers for running a smooth tourney.
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Lake Berryessa Tournament info / Sign-up
I will be there!I hope....
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New 2015 Club Jerseys with a discount.
Sign me up for one. They look sweet.
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SCBBBC December Meeting Note:
Awesome Rich! Sorry I missed the meeting but I had a 6 hour commute yesterday. Love the stuff you got going on.Rich you got me pumped and I am ready for the 2015 tournament run.
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Scott Townsend is on fire!
Congrates Scott. That is very impressive.
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