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FLW Rayovac Clear Lake participants
Hi Guys! Long time no talkie. Hope all of you have been doing well. 

Anybody participating in the FLW Rayovac Clear Lake event as a pro or co-angler? 
Looking to participate as a co-angler if I am lucky enough to get a spot. Let me know if you're participating. 

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Reel of a deal

let's start a business together now!

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Reel of a deal
Just bought one. [report]


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Open report
great job!!!! awesome that you donated money for todds family. hope we can fish together soon!
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Todd and his son killing it at June lake In Sept 2013
great picture Binh! rest in peace Todd
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sonoma tourney fun!
yeah id imagaine your new to the livewell-cooler operations LOL. in my rookie year, I had a six and a 5 lber in first 10 minutes of fishing at clear lake at the BNT open. Little did I know, fish have a tendency to bounce around livewells and are strong enough to open lids. 

you can have one side latched down with a hooking device...the other side too but make it convenient to open and close. and the advice of a net on the top of the livewell is an awesome ideal. 

i had a 5 fish limit of 13lbs. 2lb, 2lb, 3lber, 5lber, 1.3lber,

if that 6lber didnt jump out....would have 18lbs first day.

went from a possible 6th/7th placing to a 15th placing.

little mistakes create loss of opportunity! i also weighed in an extra fish during TOC...ouch.

good luck this year! 
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video intro i never posted
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3:16 hardbaits

i went through a couple of those hard baits. They stopped making it into a production. Everybody bought it to resell it for more than it sold for. he only sells limited amounts. its very hard to get one. 


fortunately i still have one left. (wake jr)

another great bait is the SLAMMER....catchem caro baits or bbz1 floater

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Swimbait Rod?

you can get away with a medium fast action flipping rod 7'6 for the bbz. I horsed a 7lber on the 316 wake jr on a flippin rod with long handle. 

hudds have a jig hook. big swimbait rods has the backbone to drive the hook. 

go with the 8" hudds

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Swimbait Rod?
id go with an LDC. lowdowncustom rod. light as a feather and great rep for trophy bass...


donbassin fishes with them and all the big trophy sticks in so cal. 

check out their instagram. 

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Lews Reels

just used the daiwa zillion casting against 15 mphs wind and no backlash...bit amazed i must say. +1 ilovefatgirls. 

shimano cores are nice too...

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Lews Reels
they are good reels but you wont find anything bulky like those old shimanos. try the calcutta series if you want something with more size
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Go pro black question

i like adobe premiere. costly but cool editing software. mac software such as imovie i think is easy and fast to use. 

current system: i5 2400 @3.1ghz, 
amd radeon 6670

not a bad mean machine to use for editing but it works!

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Bed fishing

get her the next day or throw a big swimbait 10-30mins later on her bed or floater swimbait ontop of the bed....



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