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New affordable Hobie Kayaks under $2k
In case you have not heard, Hobie just came out with a new kayak. The Hobie Mirage Compass was created for the under $2000 price range. I know that is still a good chunck of change, but it's getting it where maybe more club members can afford one and maybe start allowing pedal drive systems in the tournaments.
PS - its not an advantage to fish with a peddle drive over a pontoon as we were shown at Lake Sonoma with the champs fishing out of float tubes.

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The minimum size requirement for a tournament approved livewell is a 48 quart cooler and a 500gph bilge pump. All these answers can be found on the SCBBBC club rules tab.
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Aug 12 Piper Point Marina
Reminder that it will be a bit hot out there, so take a couple frozen water bottles with you to throw into your livewell to keep the water cool and keep those fish healthy.
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Yorty Pre-fish cut off this Saturday also who to notify about the Gate.

17. Pre-Fishing:

Participants may not "Pre-Fish" a body of water scheduled for the next Tournament after midnight of the Monday immediately preceding the Scheduled Tournament. This rule does not apply to the Clear Lake Invitational and regular SCBBBC Tournaments scheduled at Clear Lake, the Delta waters or Lake Berryessa where there is a Pre-Fishing cutoff of midnight of the day immediately preceding the day of the Tournament. Violation of this rule will result in Tournament disqualification.

Am I reading or understanding this wrong? [confused]

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Yorty Pre-fish cut off this Saturday also who to notify about the Gate.
Isn't the cutoff for this tournament on Sunday at midnight? Just want to make sure that I don't end up going out there when I am not suppose to. I am pretty sure that they still lock the gate at night, so chances are that we will need the code. Thanks for the information.
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Lake Sonoma night team tournament
I take it that the next tournament, Lake Sonoma night team tourney, will be out of the main public ramp?
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Kickboat Tackle Bags
One type of bag that I have always liked because of the tackle capacity, durability, waterproof, etc. are the Outcast Splashproof Cargo pockets. They are worth the cost.

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Kayak tournaments
Just to shine a bit of light on this topic, the reason this was even brought up was the fact that Noah and myself, not to exclude anyone else for the matter, cannot row with our arms due to injuries. It is not a matter of who can get to point A and point B faster, it was us just getting back on the water being able to fish with the club.
Can a Hobie with the peddle drive get somewhere faster than a inflatable pontoon faster? Yes.
Can an inflatable pontoon get somewhere faster than a round tube? Yes

The point I am trying to make is that all of these different types of vessels need physical force to move them (peddle drive > oars > only fins). There is no electric or gas motors used.

Quote: Maybe it's time to start another club, " The Sonoma County Yakers Club? SCYC  Since there seems to be so many who want peddle yaks to be included in tournaments. Then there would be a place for them to shine and do there thing. Then everyone will be happy. [smil_2funny]
[thinking] Not to stir any pot, but if I remember correctly, the club in question is Sonoma County BELLY BOAT Bass Club. Did a new club get formed when people wanted to be able to fish out of pontoons and use oars? No. The club simply evolved and allowed the use of pontoons in the club. Kayaks are already permitted in the club.

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Kayak tournaments
Can we put this topic up for a vote? I am having the same issue as Noah in terms of not being able to row due to my shoulder injury.
I do not have a Hobie kayak just yet, but will be hopefully in the near future. It would be nice knowing that these type of kayaks are allowed.
The way I am seeing it is that you still need to use physical force to power the kayak. If the issue is "mechanical propulsion", oars are a technically in the same category. Feedback from Officers/members on this matter would be nice.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks

PS - If I am reading it correctly, B-n-T allows them. The only things not allowed are motors and sails.

"6. Vessel requirements
a. All vessels must be man-powered (no motors, no sails).
b. All tournament fishing must be conducted from a float tube, kick boat or Kayak.
c. Anglers may not fish outside of their vessel for any reason.
d. Anglers must be floating in their vessels while fishing, with the anglers full weight being supported by their vessel."
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Kayak tournaments
You can use a kayak in SCBBBC.

"1.  All SCBBBC tournament fishing must be conducted from an inflatable float tube or kickboat (pontoon style) and kayaks. Tournament Anglers may not fish outside of their boats for any reason. Anglers must be floating in their boats while fishing. Anglers may not accept assistance from boats or other anglers to move about the body of water. Only fins worn on feet and oars may power float tubes, kickboats and kayaks. The use of motors and sails and any mechanical propulsion is prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in Tournament disqualification."

One thing in regards to the current rule, is that I wish that Hobie fin style propulsion would be allowed. There is always going to be the pros and cons of using a kayak, but speaking personally as someone who can not use oars at the moment due to a shoulder injury, it would be nice to be able to fish again.
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congrates Binh !!!
Congratulations Bihn! Great report.
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Yorty team tournament
I know the next tournament is still a bit away, but is the Yorty team tournament going to be a night tournament?
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You can put the drain hole where you find it most convenient. Most of us have the drain holes or drain hole in the rear of the cooler. Everyone makes their livewells a bit different. There are some videos on the home page on how to make one, but you can tweak it around.

Here is a pic of a livewell that I had made a while back. The holes were drilled at different heights so that I did not have to carry as much water if there was only 1 or 2 fish in the well. Once I had more fish in there, I would close off one of the valves and leave the higher one open to drain excess water.

Another thing to mention is that if you are at Clearlake in a running tournament, once you are heading back to the weigh-in area, you can close both valves to retain the water. It has always worked out for me.

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