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Todd's fundraiser
It's never easy saying goodbye to a good friend and in fact I never say good bye it has a finality to it of never seeing a person again.  And even if we never met everytime I visit here I always expect joy and never a tragedy of life.

I will pitch it for the Memorial Fund and my heart felt Condolences to the Todd's Family and Sonoma County Belly Boat Club.
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New Buzz in the Action Camera Market
As it stands it's cheaper and with the options of direct play back to Smart phones and pads this camera seems to be GoPro direct competitor.
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New PB
Is it against the law for harassing minnows?

Bravo Zulu!
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New Buzz in the Action Camera Market

A new camera company has emerged in the action camera market and their latest offering is creating a lot of buzz in the kayak fishing industry. WASPcam, based in Canada, has pushed the envelope in feature and price with two new offerings that launched January 15.

Straight out of the box, the WASPcam “Gideon” is possibly the most feature-rich camera on the market. The Gideon records HD video up to 1080p60 (and also 1080p30, 960p60 and 720p120), takes still-images up to 16MPm and has built-in WiFi. You can connect the camera to your iPhone or Android device for live viewing.

The Gideon sets itself apart with its wireless wrist remote that gives users a live viewing screen and remote control. The wrist remote connects from up to 15’away, and doubles as a watch. In addition to the camera and wrist remote, the Gideon also comes with two different camera mounts, fog inserts, waterproof and vented backs for the waterproof case, a wall charger, and Velcro strap.

Possibly the biggest surprise with the Gideon is the price. MSRP for the Gideon varies slightly, but in most markets it is $319. As more of these cameras reach consumer hands, side-by-side comparisons of video performance in varying conditions will become available.

WASPcam’s second new offering, the "JAKD", is piquing the interest of consumers looking for a value-priced camera with plenty of options. The JAKD camera can shoot 1080p@25fps or 720p@30fps. While it may not be ideal for video pros, novice and intermediate videographers can enjoy capturing their adventures without wiping out the bank account. At only $139 in most areas, the JAKD camera is low on price and high on options
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Upgrading From Belly Boat To Kayak

I have tried yet again to check on my order for this Kayak and they don't have the color I'm interested in within the area due to the high voulme sales of this Yak...

Unless you like pink-camo or high vis orange...I also plan on making a trip down to the Bay Area real soon I hope and look forward to meeting you guys in the near future.

Thanks and Keep up the good Work Catchemo and the crew!!
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Video of personal best 9 pounds 14 ounces, Spring Lake
That is a monster of a fish to catch, I have a co-worker here would love to catch a fish like that her name is Rochelle Bacon......look her up on facebook..
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Upgrading From Belly Boat To Kayak
@ Filliping Baits to steady them they make  Stake-Out Poles and they even have Kayak Steadying poles but I feel those things are ridiculously high for a kayak.  costing over $1,000 dollars.

Steadying Pole Pictures and Kayak Power pole. Still I feel a Magazine for the Belly Boat Angler should've been developed and or a Tv program as they have for Kayak Fishing.  I normally get pissed off when I run into people with this you got to have a Bass Boat Stigma to be a legitimate fisherman.




Micro Power Pole


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Upgrading From Belly Boat To Kayak
Videos of the Moken Lure...[video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PWB-zqONFo[/video]

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Upgrading From Belly Boat To Kayak
Happy New Year Fella's it's been a while but I've looked in to read of child births and passings, but this website has been a great teaching tool to all things on Bass Fishing Thank you all.

I am currently looking to upgrade in the next month from Belly Boat to Kayak fishing namely to Moken 11.5 Lure this

Here are the specs on the Feelfree Lure 11

  • Length 11’6”
  • Width 36”
  • Weight 69 lbs
  • Capacity 375 Lbs
  • Pricing  Retail is 1099.  1249 with Rudder.
Production will start December and Feelfree is now available 2014

Tell me what you think positive and negative.

Thank you.

Feelfree kayaks "Lure" photos leaked

The seat in the high position

Feelfree lure bow view

Bow view with a large padded standing platform

Feelfree Lure Rod Stagers

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Japan Club "FBI" held there first event for 2012
Man they are growing some whopper in Japan!  Wonder what they are feeding them besides Gamakatsu Hooks tipped with lures?
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We Lost a Good Friend Saturday!
How awful!  I wish he would have looked into that job here in Virginia it's still open.  My god!!

I've had tough times but it's never that tough....May he find peace were he couldn't with the rest of the world.

Be at peace Chris.

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I got a wild pig at Lake sonoma...
I'm posting that hunt on bowhunting.com Awesome.hunting and what type bow set up were you using?
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The Club Promotional Banner Stand?
Drew Palin and Polosi in wet t-shirts?  Check your email for the memo that flopping is only done on basketball courts.

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