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Steelhead fishing!
Any of you guys been on a kickboat drift? How long would a memorial to wholer run take?
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Were's the best bluegill fishing located?
Sorry bout that,  I was thinking/typing ahead. They refilled it sans fish.
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Were's the best bluegill fishing located?
Negative on waterfall towers, they drained them, and didn't replace the fish. Plus I'll tell you from personal experience the tenants hate seeing anglers there.
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U tube
And your imagination is the limit (maybe other than the over quality/strength of the tube) for a rod rack.
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Stripers in Fountain Grove???
There is only one way there could be stripers in FG and that is if they were stocked. There is no current, no river, hence no where for them to reproduce. Unless someone is illegally planting stripers in FG every year, this talk of stipers is all rumors/dock talk.
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Spring on Saturday?
If you go give the submerged outside edge of the dead brush around the islands some attention. Last two Fridays I've had some nice ones pitching jigs to the visible cover with all the strikes on the submerged outside edge. There's some nice fish moving up. Have a good one.
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Alpine Lake revisited...
Since I was absolutely amazed by those smallie pictures, and I am likewise dying to get in on some good smallmouth fishing I dropped a line to the Marin Municipal Water District and this is what they said about water contact and fishing...

Thank you for your question. All fishing must be done from the shore. No boating, wading or swimming is allowed on the watershed lakes. Please go to our website for more information regarding fishing.
http://www.marinwater.org   Go to Watershed then Recreation.
Hope this helps.  We also have a fishing hotline at 945-1194. Please look under "Special Notices" too...this has info regarding the stocking of Bon Tempe and Lagunitas. We also follow all California Fish and Game regulations.
If you have any other questions...please call me.  945-1180 (direct line)

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Vessel Registration in CA
I thought registration was only necessary for a boat powered by a gas motor. No?
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chargers vs denver
Sorry, didn't mean to ignite this mini-NFL firestorm, I just feel the need to stand up for the Chargers in the middle of Raider Nation.
And great knowledge on Weddle and the solo tackles, that one slipped by me.
I hope everyone is having a good Holiday.
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chargers vs denver
Dude don't be a clown, Eric Weddle the best player, how do you keep up on football, by playing Madden? At least you respect Weddle, but by far the best defensive player is the league's best 3-4 nose tackle in Jamal Williams. And Phillip is finally having a decent year? Phillip has had a decent year every year he has started, this year is a Pro-Bowl year even though he got jobbed in the voting. So if you're saying that the league's leading passer (determined by passer rating) is finally having a decent year I think its about time to put down the sticks, and pick up a paper and actually watch some NFL games, or even strap it on and try out for your football team.
Sorry fellas but I had to go there.
Unfortunately you have a San Diego transplant on your boards.
And shoot the winner of this game gets the Colts at home, whom the Chargers lost to in the last second on their way to rock bottom this season, and a dome team will have a hard time going into Denver in December, even though we all know it'll be the Bolts who get the Colts at home.

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Yes, I am an idiot.
Thanks Mike, I sent them an e-mail hopefully they have something for me.
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I've fished yorty a couple of times from the float tube. Obviously you're not moving as fast, but get their early, stay late, bring food and water and you'll have a good day. It feels cool being in a real lake in a float tube.
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Yes, I am an idiot.
Thanks for the link. I'm not a member yet, and since I won't really be needing oars until I fish a tourney, I think I'll definitely wait for the new season, become a member then buy some replacement oars.
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Yes, I am an idiot.
Well, Ive been putting off this post for a while in order to protect my ego, but I'm haven't been too successful on my own. I was at Ralphine a couple of weeks ago, thought I could find some trout eaters, and some guy was following me around the lake while I was fishing, kinda weirding me out, and he cornered me at my truck at the ramp while I was loading the boat up. He was leaning up against the bed, just jawing away,  I had to be at work in an hour, and I just wanted this guy to stop talking so I hurried all my gear into the truck, so I could get this guy to leave me alone. Well I didn't notice until my next trip that I was in such a hurry I left my oars behind. I called parks and rec, no luck, I went to Western Sport Shop, no luck, and I can't really find anything online.

Do you guys have any suggestions on where I should look? Thanks for the help.

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