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Hey All,

Im from Kansas, which is pretty far from most of you all, however I have been browsing your boards because I am interested in getting involved in fishing pontoon kickboats on the lakes I have around here. So I have a couple questions because it sounds like all you guys have your ducks in a row.

1. What kickboat is fairly well known and reliable and comes between $200-$500 that you would recomend me getting for my first kickboat.

2. I fish tournaments as a non-boater, and we dont have tournaments for float tubes and kickboats aroud here, so I will just be fishing for fun. However, I still would like a livewell for my kickboat. Just in case I want to take a picture once i get to shore, or if i fished for crappie or walleye. I have read about follow-me bags. Would these work for me? Or would I be better off building one from a cooler? If the cooler is the better option, is there any place I can get some information on exactly how to build a livewell like that?

3. What is the best way to build a rod holder for a kickboat? Or are there already pre-made ones I could buy? I only need it to hold 3 or 4 rods.

Again... thanks for any information you guys can share with me!!
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