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Sun. 7/31
Gonna hit Spring and was wondering if they dumped herbicide in there recently. Would like to get my moneys worth if y'all know what I mean. Thanks! -Rob
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Castaic Lagoon
Let's go Dale.

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New Hobie boat
It's fast enough for side imaging to work properly. The costco 'yaks don't have the mirage drive or below the hull rod storage for 6 rods.
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New Hobie boat
Anyone heard of the new Hobie Mirage Pro Angler? I'm a kickboater but NEED this boat for the salt. Check it out at the Hobie web page. Lemme know what y'all think.
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Just Picked Up a Kickboat
Needs new oars and brass oarlocks? Pimpin 'Scadd. Let's float!
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butch brown is the man!
Holy $H1T!!!!!!!
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Fihing Weds. and Thurs.
Going to Spring both days. Feel free to float by.
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Trolling motor battery
Thanx y'all!
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Trolling motor battery
So I've had a Minn Kota trolling motor for years but have been between batteries for some time. Wanna get it set up. Any recommendations on a great deep cycle marine battery? One that'll keep it's charge all day long? Thanks, -Rob
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That's no way to feed a dog!
That dog deserves a big juicy steak.
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What do we do for a living
I work at Trader Joe's. Groceries are my bag.
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anybody intersted in a PS3 160g for sale
Add me. foggybottomsFB
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Swim baits
I guess I'm the only SPRO guy around here. ALL SPRO BBZ series swimbaits are the very best baits available. The sizes go from 8 inches to 2 and a half. The 4 inch threadfin shad is my favorite.
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Spring Lake 11/1
I agree. Spring should be on fire right now. BOOO Sonoma Co. Parks for aquatic growth control. BOOO 6 dollar day-use. BOOO for the park rangers not checking the bucket brigade's buckets.
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sonoma or highland....
Discovery Bay stripers. Go to the marina and talk to the Harbormaster. He'll let you launch for free. Get there early and fill your minnow bucket full of bluegill. Rig a swimbait rod or heavy duty rod with a 1/2 oz. egg weight with a bead under it. Heavy barrel swivel, 2ft leader and circle hook. Hook the 'gill in the roof of the mouth and out it's nostril. toss it out and simply fin kick. DO NOT PUT YOUR ROD DOWN FOR ANY REASON. You'll know when you're about to get hit 'cause your 'gill will start freaking out. When you get bit go into freespool and let 'em eat it. Once you think he ate it just start reeling. I've caught stripers to 20 lbs there using this method.
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