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Spring Lake Magazine Photo Shoot.
Nice pics.  Looks like Dave got some serious hang time on his cast 
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Riverfront, Fountaingrove, & Spring Lake Levels
That is awesome too see the much needed water we needed,  nice pics.   I much rather fish muddy water then clear just my preference.   What about the third pond in Windsor the one on the right that is off limits?  I heard of smallmouth being caught in those lakes probly cause of overflow from the river in years previous floods,   i wouldn't be surprised if some steelhead are in there now 
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Uno Mas!!!
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Nice toad from the pond
I wonder if it has anything todo with the chlorine spill they had last month near the lagoon  maybe it leaked into the lake
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Bucks Bags Sosuthfork Seat
I have a Tempress Navistyle folding seat on my Southfork it is really comfortable,  not sure if its the high-back or low-back  folding seat though.  Im pretty sure it is the high-back style,  ill have to look for the receipt 
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A brother and best friend died today. Todd Iwamoto
thats terrible news,  i had the chance to meet him at the crazy weather Sonoma tournament a few years back he seemed like a real nice fella.  RIP Todd
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fountain grove today
I just thought it was a bit overkill for the little lake it was funny to me,  it was a lot more then just a little residue in the water it was actual oil probably from that boat
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fountain grove today
Well i guess i seen it all now,  I saw an actual bass boat in F.G.  i was wondering if it was any of you people?    Im not complaining but i seen a huge oil slick once leaving the lake
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*Guess the Wining Weight for Berryessa*
14.6,  good luck yall don't forget the sunblock 
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Anybody been to Berryessa lately?
try a little chrome hopkins spoon 
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2014 goals?
Id like to start getting into drop shotting get a rod/reel combo setup just for that,  i have yet to try it.  A couple d.d.'s would be nice also     Happy New Years to all
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Whats some of your favorites and why?
I like pitching heavy jigs into the junk and just feeling that thunk thunk and waiting for the rod to load up and rip em out of there is fun,  also pitching in tullies and seeing the tullies violently shake like crazy and your line just goes slack on the fall and u know you got em.  I love a good crankbait bite when they just smash it and literally take the rod out of your hands is a great feeling,  just to name a few.   
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Be Advised!!!!!!!
Some of the guys have extra rigs maybe someone can lend you there spare for the tournament?
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Bobcat at Spring lake
it kind of looks like a pug but its ears are like a bobcat though,  i seen one up at Illsanjo while float tubing it.  
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Lake Ilsanjo
there are no armed pot growers in Annadel 
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